Srimukhi lost chance to shake legs with Varun Teja

Hyderabad: The senior actresses/actors who dona��t get a chance in the films are rushing towards small screen to host some shows / soap operas / programmes in popular television channels. In the same pattern, the hot anchors who became popular in such channels are making their destination as the big screen. For example, anchors such as Anasuya and Rashmi Gautham are trying their luck in films and got opportunities in a couple of films as well. Treading their path, another anchor Srimukhi is also making trials to get a chance in film industry.

In recent times, she has become popular by resorting to double meaning dialogues and crude comments in a popular channel while anchoring some programmes. She appeared in a�?Julayia�� as Allu Arjuna��s sister. She had also got a chance to pair up with Avasarala Srinivas in his recent adult comedy movie a�?Babu Baga Busya��. She had also played in some other films such as Life is beautiful, Prema Ishq Kadal, Chandrika, Dhanalakshmi Talupu Tadithey, Andhra Pori, Nenu Sailaja, Savitri, Gentleman and Manalo Okadu. However, all of them are trivial roles.

Recently she got an opportunity to pair up with Varun Teja in a special song for the film a�?Mistera�� directed by Sreenu Vaitla. However, she missed the chance as her height is almost one feet small for the 6a�� 3a�? tall Varun Teja. So the opportunity knocked the doors of Madhu Sneha of a�?Bahubalia�� special song a�?Manoharia��. Though she lost the chance, she can wait for some other opportunity as it is only a special song and not a heroinea��s role in the movie.

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