Sridevi Flays Rajamouli For Baseless Allegations

Sridevi has at last reacted on Rajamoulia��s comments that he is lucky about Sridevi rejecting to play the role of Sivagami in Baahubali.

Hyderabad: After ‘Baahubali 2, The Conclusion’ became the biggest hit of Indian cinema, ace director Rajamouli revealed that he is lucky that star artistA� Sridevi rejected to play the role of Sivagami. As per Rajamouli, rejection by Sridevi was due to differences regardingA� remuneration and several other demands like share in Hindi version, five star hotel accommodation for all her people including booking the the total corridor where she was staying etc.

Sridevi, who was in Hyderabad for promoting her 300th film a�?Moma�� when asked to react on Rajamouli’s comments, replied that past is past and there is no point of talking about it. She said since she was living in Mumbai I have not been talking to media from this part of the country.

Sridevi,A� however, came down strongly on Rajamouli after watching video of him pointing out that she demanded huge remuneration and had made several other unreasonable demands, Sridevi said that it is not possible to do 300 films if she kept making such unreasonable demands as alleged by Rajamouli. “It is difficult for me to stay in the industry with such type of demands.A� This kind of baseless allegations make me feel so bad,” Sridevi said.

” I appreciate Rajamouli for making all of proud by making a hugely successful movie like Baahubali,A� but talking about an established artist like me in a derogative manner from a public platform doesna��t look good for such a gentleman. I know the problems of a producer as my husband ( Bony Kapur)A� is also a producer,” Sridevi said.

She said she had learnt from her mother, who was also an actress, to be considerate towards producers. “There were any number of occasions when I did not acceptA� remuneration from the producer after coming to know that the film did not do well at the box office. I worked without remuneration for a number of films. I worked with director Raghavendra Rao in more than twenty films and paired with Krishna in equal number of films. Most of the films were shot in the banks of Krishna and Godavari rivers where there were not even three-star hotels. I used to change my dress in the makeshift rooms on the bank of rivers. If I were to be such a demanding artist I would not have acted in so many films with so many producers and directors. Rajamouli is basically a good person and a fine technician. I fail to understand why he had to utter such blatant lies about me,” the celebrity actress said with annoyance writ large on her face. She spoke to media persons at Rama Naidu studio here on Saturday and Sunday.

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