Sravan Says Only Rajiv Is Responsible For Sirishaa��s Death

While the police decided to book Sravan as A1 and Rajeev as A2, many questions are being asked as to why the key person in the entire saga is made A2.

Hyderabad: The main accused in beautician Sirishaa��s suicide case, Sravan on Saturday expressed his agony before the media. It is known that Sravan was made A1 in the case, while Rajiv was made A2. Even the Police Commissioner in his press conference said that Sravan had criminal background while Rajeev did not have any.

Meanwhile, Sravan who was taken to Osmania Hospital for medical examination said that Rajiv was responsible for what all has happened.

Already, people are questioning why Rajiv, who was the key person in the episode made A2 in the case, while Sravan is made A1. In this context, it has given rise to more suspicions about the whole episode.

Questions are also being raised as to why police had completely left Tejaswini out of the case and are only maligning and assassinating the character of Sirisha.

Going by police statements, some channels telecasted photos showing Sravan with some key leaders of a particular political party.

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