Sravan Says Only Rajiv Is Responsible For Sirisha’s Death

While the police decided to book Sravan as A1 and Rajeev as A2, many questions are being asked as to why the key person in the entire saga is made A2.

Hyderabad: The main accused in beautician Sirisha’s suicide case, Sravan on Saturday expressed his agony before the media. It is known that Sravan was made A1 in the case, while Rajiv was made A2. Even the Police Commissioner in his press conference said that Sravan had criminal background while Rajeev did not have any.

Meanwhile, Sravan who was taken to Osmania Hospital for medical examination said that Rajiv was responsible for what all has happened.

Already, people are questioning why Rajiv, who was the key person in the episode made A2 in the case, while Sravan is made A1. In this context, it has given rise to more suspicions about the whole episode.

Questions are also being raised as to why police had completely left Tejaswini out of the case and are only maligning and assassinating the character of Sirisha.

Going by police statements, some channels telecasted photos showing Sravan with some key leaders of a particular political party.

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Beautician Sirisha Case: Is There Any Foul Play By Police?

Police who took the main accused Rajiv and Sravan for two days’ custody did nothing seriously related to the case as per Sirisha’s parents.

Hyderabad: There are rumours and speculations going on about the role of Banjara Hills police with allegations that they are diluting the beautician Sirisha’s case.

Declaration by Banjara Hills police on Tuesday that Sirisha had committed suicide rises eyebrows once again in this case. Those who are closely following the police investigations said that there is no foul play in this case. Statement was released by the police after questioning Rajiv and Sravan for two days.

Suspicion arose when police took Rajiv and Sravan for ‘case reconstruction ‘ on Tuesday night.

Police, who were supposed to go to Kukunoorpally resorts and PS for the case details, just roamed along with culprits in and around of Hyderabad-Kukunoorpally road, leaving the main spot, the parents of Sirisha alleged. The culprits were not even taken to Kukunoorpally PS to know the real facts what had happened on that night.

It looks as though the police wants to close the case as soon as possible by washing their hands with a statement that death of Sirisha is a case of suicide.

One fact they left to readers or viewers is whether she was raped or not and the conclusion depends upon the forensic lab report which is pending.

Sirisha’s parents allege that still there is a mystery behind the death of their daughter and police are trying to save Rajiv and Sravan in this case.

When questioned about DCP Venkateswara rao statement that they can come to Hyderabad PS to know the facts, Sirisha’s relatives refused to consult them as the case is faulty.

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Sirisha’s Suicide: Rajiv’s Advocate Talks To Media

Rajiv’s advocate Venkat Goud told media that there was nobody behind the suicide by the beautician.

Hyderabad: Beautician Sirisha’s case turned twists and turns after police initially announced it was a clear case of suicide. Key accused in this case Rajiv and Sravan are in police custoday for two days. Meanwhile Venkat Goud, defence lawyer came in front of the media on Monday and gave some crucial statements related to the mystery.

“Investigation is going on perfectly and in my career I did not see police carrying out investigation in a brisker pace. Rajiv is innocent and Sirisha wasn’t raped, no one, including Tejaswini, was involved in Sirisha’s death. Facts will come out very soon” he said.  More: Sirisha Suicide: Rajiv Says He Did Not Kill Her, Went To SI For A Settlement

On the question, how he could fight in this case, Venkat said that this case is not bigger than Kasab one who was provided with a lawyer to argue for him.

Replying to a question about how many cops are involved in the investigation, Venkat said that he did not expect the question from media.

He said that police will not use the third degree on Rajiv and Sravan as they were ordered by the court not to do so.

One can hope that the case setting at rest the suspense and suspicions.   More: Beautician Sirisha’s Case: Was It A murder?

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Sirisha Suicide: Rajiv Says He Did Not Kill Her, Went To SI For A Settlement

Rajiv, one of the accused in Sirisha’s suicide case, told police that he wanted to marry someone other than Sirisha and Tejaswini.

Hyderabad: Rajiv, the accused in Sirisha’s suicide case, is understood to have told the police on Monday that he wanted to get away from both Sirisha and Tejaswini. He said on knowing that he wanted to marry some one else and settle down in life, Sirisha had committed suicide.

“There was no reason for me to kill Sirisha. I went to SI Prabhakara Reddy at Kukunoorpally police station along with Sirisha and Sravan to find a settlement so that Sirisha will be out of my life,” said Rajiv. He said Sravan is a good friend and he helped him by all means. Rajiv said Tejaswini was very keen on marrying him and she even spoke about the wedding with his parents who did not accept the proposal. His parents were looking for a suitable girl for him to marry.

“In the meanwhile, Sirisha and Tejaswini got into argument at his studio and he got vexed with both of them and dialled 100 for police. “They became enemies and created problems for me. I did not want to marry any one of them. In fact, I wanted to get rid of them. That was why I approached SI Prabhakara Reddy for settlement. After she understood that I was trying my best to move away from her, Sirisha felt disgusted and hanged herself,” Rajiv is understood to have told the police officers who questioned him after taking him and Sravan into custody.

The police will continue to question Rajiv and Sravan on Tuesday also.

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  1. June 27, 2017

    […] “Investigation is going on perfectly and in my career I did not see police carrying out investigation in a brisker pace. Rajiv is innocent and Sirisha wasn’t raped, no one, including Tejaswini, was involved in Sirisha’s death. Facts will come out very soon” he said.  More: Sirisha Suicide: Rajiv Says He Did Not Kill Her, Went To SI For A Settlement […]

  2. June 27, 2017

    […] The police task force has recorded the statement of Tejaswini, the other woman in Rajiv’s life. She told the police that it was true that she had quarrel with Sirisha a number of times and both of them complained against each other at Banjara Hills police station. Tejaswini said she strongly suspected that Sirisha was responsible for Rajiv to keep away from her. “I suspected Sirisha was in the way and that was why Rajiv was not prepared to marry me. I came to Hyderabad from Bangaluru only to marry Rajiv,” said Tejaswini. She told the police that she had attacked Sirisha at RJ Studio and Sirisha phoned to Rajiv who came and tried to sort out matters. But when it was not possible, he dialled 100 and complained to police.   More: Sirisha Suicide: Rajiv Says He Did Not Kill Her, Went To SI For A Settlement […]

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Police Shocked At New Revelations About Rajiv

Till the other day, the focus in beautician Sirisha’s death case was on her character, but the police were shocked to find that Rajiv was not as innocent as he appears and is said to have had a string of affairs with women.

Hyderabad: Days after the death of beautician Sirisha, that created sensation across both Telugu States, police finally found that Rajiv is not as innocent as he appears to be. It is known that the police from day one tried to protect Rajiv saying that he does not have any criminal record. While they tried to portray Sirisha as a woman of loose morals and booked their friend Shravan as A1 in the case, the Commissioner of Police spoke in a very positive manner about Rajiv. Now it appears that they were shocked with what they have discovered about him.

The police were shocked when they found his real face. According to sources, now police are saying that Rajiv is not as innocent as they thought and he turned out to be a crook. They also found out that he had intimate relations with four women before beautician Sirisha came into his life. Just last month too, he is said to have befriended a new woman.  See Also: Sirisha Joined RJ Studio Six Months Ago, Her Aunt Reveals

He started distancing himself from the women he was intimate with after he met Sirisha. Police also found that he used to blackmail those women that he would post their lewd pictures on Facebook. After cheating two women like this, police are suspecting that he might have trapped Sirisha.  New issues also came out about Tejaswini, who was responsible for the whole episode.

Tejaswini who loved Rajiv, after coming to know about Sirisha not only threatened to file a case in the police station but also met his parents at Vijayawada. This came out during interrogation. Because of this, Rajiv strategized to keep her away.  See Also: The Mystery Of Two Suicides: Who Is Responsible For Whose Death?

After distancing himself from Tejaswini, he wanted to get rid of Sirisha. Police, who came to know that he used to photograph and videograph the women when they were intimate with him, shocked them. Police also recovered hard disks regarding his relationships and flings at RJ Studio. As new issues came out in the case, police are trying to dig deeper. They feel that it is not right to come to a conclusion before investigating the case from all angles.   See Also: Is Vizag Becoming A Hotbed Of Corruption?

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  1. June 24, 2017

    […] According to reports, the White House will welcome the Prime Minister by “rolling out a red carpet.” PM Modi will arrive in Washington at 6 am IST on Sunday after a stopover in Portugal. According to a senior White House official, PM Modi will be the first world leader to be hosted by President Trump for a working dinner at the White House.  See Also: Police Shocked At New Revelations About Rajiv […]

  2. June 26, 2017

    […] The Banjara Hills police have taken the two accused into their custody for further examination. They are lodged in Chenchalguda jail on remand. They were first taken to Osmania hospital for examination and they were taken into police custody for two days.  More: Police Shocked At New Revelations About Rajiv […]

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Accused In Sirisha’s Case Sent To Chanchalguda Jail

The accused in beautician Sirisha’s suicide case were sent to Chanchalguda Jail after a medical examination.

Hyderabad: The accused Sravan and Rajiv in the sensational Sirisha suicide case were produced before Magistrate Court in Nampally and were later taken to Chanchalguda Jail. The police framed charges under Section 306 IPC (Abetment of suicide) coupled with other sections where the victim is verbally abused and even physically assaulted.

It is known that the accused in the interrogation told the police that Sirisha was physically assaulted before she committed suicide. Hence the police added the section relating to it.

The police took the accused to the hospital before taking them to Chanchalguda Jail.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family is still crying and reiterating that it is a murder and not suicide. They also objected to the Police Commissioner’s version and media projecting her as a person with loose morals.

Apart from Sirisha’s family, the family of Sub-Inspector Prabhakar Reddy is also alleging that it’s not a suicide and police are trying to close the case by linking his death with that of Sirisha.

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Mahender Reddy’s Narrative Questioned by Relatives Of SI, Beautician

Super cop Mahender Reddy’s narrative in the double suicides by the SI and the beautician has been disputed by the relatives of both the deceased.

Hyderabad: There are not many takers for the narrative given by Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy on the death of beautician Sirisha.

The CP has announced on Friday afternoon at a media conference that the police have cracked the mystery of Sirisha’s death. He explained the chronology of events that led to Sirisha’s death. He implied that SI Prabhakara Reddy committed suicide after learning about Sirisha’s death. Mahender Reddy said Sirisha had committed suicide and nobody killed or molested her. He did not blame even Rajiv, the owner of RJ studios for the death of the beautician. He said SI Prabhakara Reddy did not assault Sirisha who was only frightened imagining that some harm is going happen to her.  The CP found fault with Sravan who masterminded the whole plot. Reddy called him a bad character.

Rachana, wife of Prabhakara Reddy, believes that her husband was killed in an unseen conspiracy. She and Prabhakara Reddy’s mother said he is not a weak-hearted person to commit suicide. The mother said when her son visited her last time at the village, she expressed misgivings about the police station where an SI had committed suicide some months ago. It was then that Prabhakara Reddy had assured his mother that he would not do such a thing and he is not so weak at heart.

The parents of Sirisha in West Godavari district disputed the version of the Commissioner of Police. The mother says her daughter was killed out of fear of the police department being exposed. The mother said Sirisha has no habit of carrying chunni with her. She said Sirisha’s height is 6′ and her legs would  touch the floor if she hangs to a fan. Moreover, Sirisha weighs about 68 kg and the fan would have fallen down had she hung herself to it. The mother-in-law asked why Tejaswini was not questioned by the police. She alleged that the police have made baseless allegation against the deceased by saying that Sirisha had drinks at the police quarter and that she is a woman of easy virtue.

Even journalists who report crime news question the decision of CP Mahender Reddy to hold a press briefing before the forensic report of vagina swabs of Sirisha was obtained. Reddy’s anxiety appears to give a clean chit to SI Prabhakar Reddy by certifying that he did sexually assault the beautician. Reddy was also eager to establish that the SI committed suicide after knowing about the death of Sirisha and that his suicide has nothing to do with the harassment by the superiors in the department.

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