Sonia birth celebrations on a grand scale

  • Shankar Rao says Soniaa��s message was not carried to people
  • Lack of a strong leader reason for defeat
  • Congress gearing up for future course

Hyderabad, December 5: Sonia Gandhia��s birthday on December 9 is going to be celebrated in a big way, say Telangana State Congress leaders. If it was not for Sonia Gandhi, we would not have seen a liberated Telangana, they said. She is our mother whom we must hold in respect, for she is the main force behind bifurcation of the united Andhra Pradesh, opine Congress leaders.

Former minister Sankara Rao said that the party failed in taking this message across to the people of Telangana during elections. a�?We need to take this message to every village. We should keep her in our hearts. It is because of her Telangana state became a reality. We must have her statue in every village. We should celebrate her birthday in a grand way and express our gratitude to her.a�?

Even though Sonia Gandhi-led Congress government wished to ride on the claim that they were instrumental in granting separate statehood to Telangana, during the 2014 General Elections and hoped to fare well in the region, people gave a shocking verdict. The Congress not only lost heavily in its former bastion, Andhra Pradesh, as was expected; it lost equally badly in Telangana. In fact, Congress and Sonia Gandhi in specific were blamed for the way she handled the bifurcation issue. And the reason for their loss in Telangana was the absence of an able leader for the party in the state, coupled with the fact that Telangana people refused to give credit to Congress for formation of a separate state. In addition to this people believed that Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) led by K Chandrasekara Rao (KCR) with its ardent pro-Telangana agenda will do well for the newly formed state getting its fair due. Congress in its campaign failed to assure people of the same.

By highlighting Sonia Gandhi as the Goddess who gave Telangana people the boon of a separate state, Telangana State Congress is trying to rejuvenate the dying spirit of its leaders and the cadre. And in doing so, the party hopes to re-emerge to find its footing. However, the euphoria of a separate state is slowly giving way to comprehension of the difficulties and people are now looking out for development and solutions to problems like power shortage and unemployment. They are looking forward to resolution on various issues of re-organisation, yet to be sorted out between the two states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, for example the A�distribution of government employees.

In the present scenario, the Congress party may have been a little delayed in their effort to portray Sonia as the Mata of Telangana.

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