Son trapped inside a BMW car: Mother refuses to break the window

Her innocent three year old son was trapped inside the car and was suffering in the heat as no windows were open. But the mother refuses to allow firefighters to break into her expensive BMW to save her 3 year old son from the heat because the vehicle was too expensive to damage.
Reports say the mother had been accidentally locked out of the car when the BMW locked itself. With none of the car windows open, firefighters arrived at the scene ready to break the glass. The toddlera��s mother would not allow them to damage to car and said she wanted to wait for locksmith instead to open the car.
This is an incident which happened in Yiwu city, China. The incident had raised an outrage in the public at the site of incident. The child fainted in a locked car.
Reacting strongly to the incident and the outrage among the public, the firefighters took control of the situation. Against the mothera��s wishes, they smashed a window and successfully rescued her son.
The mother’s refusal to break the windows has sparked outrage around the world and the woman has been repeatedly blasted on social media.
It looks like her car is her real son,a�? was the comment on the social media.

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