Son Of A TRS Leader In A Rape Case

A beautician in Hyderabad was raped by a cheat who promised to marry her. He called two of his friends to participate in the same crime. One of the accused happens to be the son of a TRS MLC.
Snehith Reddy (Left) and Pritam (Right)

Hyderabad: The alleged involvement of Snehith Reddy, son of TRS MLC R Bhupathi Reddy from Nizamabad district, in a rape incident has become a hot topic in Telangana political circles.

It turned out that the love story of a 24-year old beautician ended on a tragic note when her so called lover raped her at his Sai Palm Meadows villa at Kompally. Pritam Reddy, a friend of Snehith Reddy, made the victim believe that he would marry her, called her to his residence, raped her and then kept her in a room and locked the room from outside. After an hour, Pritam called his two friends-Snehith Reddy and Aarav Reddy-to his residence. Three of them have allegedly assaulted the beautician sexually.

The beautician had lodged a complaint to the Cyberabad police. According to the police, Pritam had a relationship with the victim for some time. The victim thought he was in genuine love with her. Pritam called her to his residence for allegedly discussing his investment plans and opening of a boutique. He also told her they can discuss their marriage plans.

The police said after the victim reached his villa, he had sex with her and locked her up in a room. “After an hour Snehith Reddy and Aarav Reddy reached the villa. Pritam asked the victim to have sex with his friends. Pritam’ father is a contractor and Snehith and Aarav stay near his residence. The victim rejected the suggestion. After the three of them tried to molest her she resisted and cried for help,” said the police. When the victim tried to flee, the trio feared that people would come to know of  their atrocity. They forced the victim to sit in their car and dropped her at Kompally.

Police say the victim and Pritam had met at a function in Jubilee Hills about one and half months ago. He proposed to marry her. The victim had trusted him. She told the police that Snehith and Aarav are not known to her. She saw them for the first time only after Pritam called the duo to his place.

Contractor Satyanarayana Reddy is staying at villa number 210. His son Pritam Reddy, alias Priyatam (26), has finished his studies and is without any specific work. He has been phoning and sending WhatsApp messages to the 24-year old victim promising to marry her. When on 5 May 2017 his family went outside the city, Pritam called the victim to his villa for discussion on marriage proposal. She went to the villa in the afternoon on the next day. Pritam forced her to have sex with him. Then he asked her to have sex with his two friends. The victim had filed a case with Petbasheerabad police station. The police have booked cases against the trio under different sections of Criminal procedure Code. The victim was sent to Gandhi hospital for examination.

Nerella Sarada, president of the State Mahila Congress, has demanded on Monday that the police should arrest the accused immediately.

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