Some Major American Newspaper headlines on Election Results

Venkata Kondubhatla

Washington D.C.: Trump has always criticized American media of not being fair to him. He taunted media many times in his speeches. He often asked the electronic media to pan their cameras and show the huge turnouts for his speeches. On the other hand, he also enjoyed liona��s share of airtime, space and media attention in primaries and general election. His two-pronged strategy toward media has worked.

Media has often discussed his strategy of using them and at the same time criticizing. But also the media has to take the blame of coming out with polls that have significantly failed to predict the way the results have turned out to be. For most, Trumpa��s win was a surprise, as the polls somehow failed to capture the anger against Wall Street and trade deals that reflected in the election.

Also, some view the right wing media criticisms toward Trump as an overweening arrogance of elites or educated class who have lost touch with the ordinary American.

Whatever it may be, the media has to work closely from now on with the president elect, and Trump has to be inclusive and treat them well.

Here are some major newspapersa�� headlines on election results:


The Wall Street Journal


The Washington Post


USA Today


The New York Times


The Washington Times

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