Is Sobhana Getting Married?

The news that top heroine of yesteryears, Sobhana has decided to get married has gone viral on social media, though she neither condemned it nor confirmed it.

Hyderabad: Yesteryears’ top heroine of South India, Sobhana is getting married. The heroine, who is in her late forties, is single till now. However, now the rumours are doing rounds in Kollywood that she has selected a companion and will be getting married soon. Now it has become a hot topic in the industry.

Sobhana adopted a child five years ago and is running a Bharata Natyam school. She is also performing during cultural events. Though no one knows why she remained single all these years, the news is that she has decided to get married. Meanwhile, the heroine did not respond to this news or officially confirm it. But this news has gone viral on social media.

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