Sirisha’s Suicide: Tejaswini Says Rajiv Ditched Her, Came To Hyderabad Only To Marry Him

Tejaswini, the other woman in Sirisha’s suicide case, has told the police that the beautician’s death has pained her and she never thought Sirisha would commit suicide for such a small reason.

Hyderabad: Police investigation into the death of beautician Sirisha has not made any significant progress despite questioning the two accused Rajiv and Sravan.

The police task force has recorded the statement of Tejaswini, the other woman in Rajiv’s life. She told the police that it was true that she had quarrel with Sirisha a number of times and both of them complained against each other at Banjara Hills police station. Tejaswini said she strongly suspected that Sirisha was responsible for Rajiv to keep away from her. “I suspected Sirisha was in the way and that was why Rajiv was not prepared to marry me. I came to Hyderabad from Bangaluru only to marry Rajiv,” said Tejaswini. She told the police that she had attacked Sirisha at RJ Studio and Sirisha phoned to Rajiv who came and tried to sort out matters. But when it was not possible, he dialled 100 and complained to police. A� More:A�Sirisha Suicide: Rajiv Says He Did Not Kill Her, Went To SI For A Settlement

Tejaswini said she felt very bad when she learnt that Sirisha had committed suicide. She said she never thought Sirisha would take such an extreme step. Tejaswini said Nandu and Naveen threatened her saying that they would handover her audio files to Sirisha and the police. A�More:A�Sirishaa��s Suicide: Rajiva��s Advocate Talks To Media

In the meanwhile, Bodasu Sravan Kumar alias Sravan and Vallabhaneni Rajiv Trivikram alias Rajiv have been questioned by the police on Tuesday for the second day. The police are questioning them in the presence of their advocate, Venkat Goud. The police were trying to know the details of Nandu and Naveen from the two accused. The questioning will go on till Tuesday evening according to sources. A�More:A�Beautician Sirisha Case: Many Questions Unanswered

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  1. June 27, 2017

    […] Hyderabad: Rajiv and Sravan have blamed SI Prabhakara Reddy for Sirisha’s suicide. They told the investigating officers that they thought the SI was trying to molest Sirisha when we peeped from the door. “When we pushed the door open, the SI was furious at us and asked us to get out. The attempt by the SI to molest has depressed Sirisha. She was scolding herself for having gone to police quarters,” said Rajiv. Rajiv and Sravan said Sirisha might have committed suicide out of shame. Rajiv accepted that he had beaten her thrice during their journey back to Hyderabad from Kukunoorpally. Sravan told the police that he used to meet Sirisha without Rajiv’s knowledge.  More: Sirisha’s Suicide: Tejaswini Says Rajiv Ditched Her, Came To Hyderabad Only To Marry Him […]

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