Sirisha’s Suicide: Rajiv’s Advocate Talks To Media

Rajiv’s advocate Venkat Goud told media that there was nobody behind the suicide by the beautician.

Hyderabad: Beautician Sirishaa��s case turned twists and turns after police initially announced it was a clear case of suicide. Key accused in this case Rajiv and Sravan are in police custoday for two days. Meanwhile Venkat Goud, defence lawyer came in front of the media on Monday and gave some crucial statements related to the mystery.

a�?Investigation is going on perfectly and in my career I did not see police carrying out investigation in a brisker pace. Rajiv is innocent and Sirisha wasna��t raped, no one, including Tejaswini, was involved in Sirishaa��s death. Facts will come out very soona�? he said. A�More:A�Sirisha Suicide: Rajiv Says He Did Not Kill Her, Went To SI For A Settlement

On the question, how he could fight in this case, Venkat said that this case is not bigger than Kasab one who was provided with a lawyer to argue for him.

Replying to a question about how many cops are involved in the investigation, Venkat said that he did not expect the question from media.

He said that police will not use the third degree on Rajiv and Sravan as they were ordered by the court not to do so.

One can hope that the case setting at rest the suspense and suspicions. A� More:A�Beautician Sirisha’s Case: Was It A murder?

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