Sirisha’s Suicide: Rajiv, Sravan Say SI Tried To Molest Her

The two accused in Sirisha’s suicide case have blamed SI Prabhakara Reddy for her suicide saying that the SI was trying to molest her when they intervened.

Hyderabad: Rajiv and Sravan have blamed SI Prabhakara Reddy for Sirisha’s suicide. They told the investigating officers that they thought the SI was trying to molest Sirisha when we peeped from the door. “When we pushed the door open, the SI was furious at us and asked us to get out. The attempt by the SI to molest has depressed Sirisha. She was scolding herself for having gone to police quarters,” said Rajiv. Rajiv and Sravan said Sirisha might have committed suicide out of shame. Rajiv accepted that he had beaten her thrice during their journey back to Hyderabad from Kukunoorpally. Sravan told the police that he used to meet Sirisha without Rajiv’s knowledge. A�More:A�Sirishaa��s Suicide: Tejaswini Says Rajiv Ditched Her, Came To Hyderabad Only To Marry Him

Sirisha came to RJ studio at 8 am on June 12. Rajiv reached the studio after an hour. Then the last to arrive was Sravan. The accused told the police that Sirisha had altercation with Tejaswini on May 30 and the latter threatened the former that she would see her end. The three of them went to Cuppa Coffee Shop on Rd No 10, Banjara Hills,A� and sat there for three hours discussing a plan to get rid of Tejaswini. It was Sravan who suggested that they should approach SI Prabhakara Reddy to find a solution. They bought a liquor bottle at a wine shop on Rd No 3, Banjara Hills,A� and took kababs at Rayadurgam and went to Kukunoorpally to meet Prabhakar Reddy. The police are trying to find out what happened at the police quarters. A�More:A�Sirishaa��s Case: Police To Question Rajiv, Sravan For Two Days

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