Sirisha’s Case: Police To Question Rajiv, Sravan For Two Days

A number of questions which remained unanswered in Sirisha’s suicide case have forced the investigating police officers to take the two accused, Rajiv and Sravan, into custody again for two days for questioning.

Hyderabad: Sirisha’s case is not bigger than the case of Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist who created mayhem in Mumbai, commented Advocate Venkat who appeared in court on behalf the accused Sravan and Rajiv. He told media persons on Monday that truth will be established in police investigations.

The Banjara Hills police have taken the two accused into their custody for further examination. They are lodged in Chenchalguda jail on remand. They were first taken to Osmania hospital for examination and they were taken into police custody for two days. A�More:A�Police Shocked At New Revelations About Rajiv

The police are trying to find answers to so many critical questions. Some of the questions that remained unanswered tillA�A� Monday evening are the following: Did Sirisha commit suicide? Was she murdered? Why was she taken to Kukunoorpally police station by the two accused? What was the so called settlement? What did Sirisha want from Rajiv? What did Rajiv demand of Sirisha?A� What really happened at the police station or police quarter? Was SI Prabhakar Reddy meet the three persons who travelled from Hyderabad at the police station? Or did he meet at the nearby farmhouse? Did the the two accused leave Sirisha deliberately with SI Prabhakara Reddy and closed the door? Who leaked the audios in which Sirisha was heard saying that Tejaswini was her main enemy? What is the role of Tejaswini? Why was she not questioned by the police?

Why did the accused beat Sirisha in way to Hyderabad from Kukunoorpally. Why did not the CC footage of Kukunooroally police station or farmhouse or RJ studio come out so far? Who are Nandu and Navin with whom Sirisha spoke according to the call recorder? Did the police question them?whom did Sirisha ask to find out the truth about Tejaswini? Who threatened Tejaswini? Did Rajiv know about this? These and many other questions have been bothering the police officials who are investigating the case. A�A�A�More:A�Sirisha Joined RJ Studio Six Months Ago, Her Aunt Reveals

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