Sirisha Joined RJ Studio Six Months Ago, Her Aunt Reveals

The death of Sirisha is becoming more and more mysterious. Although the police are calling it a suicide, the new details being given by her relatives are leading to more suspicions against the policea��s intention and their version.

Hyderabad: The sensational death of beautician Sirisha is still in the news because there are some questions that are not yet answered. The police said that it was a suspicious death and filed the case on the same lines; later clarified that it was a suicide. The constant changing of the script of the police created doubts in the minds of the public. The uncle and aunt of Sirisha are now posing new questions that are confusing.

While the police are stressing that ita��s not murder and only suicide, the questions posed by Sirishaa��s uncle and aunt are creating doubts if it is a murder. The couple, who are on their way to Achanta in West Godavari district, spoke to the media. In this context, they clarified that the police are unnecessarily maligning Sirishaa��s image. See Also:A�Beautician Sirisha’s Case: Was It A murder?

They alleged that the statements of police are meant to protect the accused. They said, police are saying that Sirisha and Rajiv are known to each other for the past four years and have been living together since then. a�?This is nothing but a big lie,a�? the couple added.

Until July last year, Sirisha ran a beauty parlour and a general store at Srinagar Colony in Hyderabad, they asserted. She started working in RJ Studio six months ago, they said. They alleged that Rajiv, Sravan and SI Prabhakar Reddy assaulted, tortured and killed Sirisha.A�See Also:A�Police Release Audio Tapes Of Sirisha In A Row

Her aunt and uncle also asked why Tejaswini, who is the key figure in all these incidents, is not being brought out. When police are saying that Sirisha and Rajiv are having an extra marital relation, they are not talking about the relationship between Rajiv and Tejaswini? Sirisha’s uncle and aunt insist that there is something fishy in the behaviour of the police. A�See Also:A�The Mystery Of Two Suicides: Who Is Responsible For Whose Death?

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  1. June 27, 2017

    […] Why did the accused beat Sirisha in way to Hyderabad from Kukunoorpally. Why did not the CC footage of Kukunooroally police station or farmhouse or RJ studio come out so far? Who are Nandu and Navin with whom Sirisha spoke according to the call recorder? Did the police question them?whom did Sirisha ask to find out the truth about Tejaswini? Who threatened Tejaswini? Did Rajiv know about this? These and many other questions have been bothering the police officials who are investigating the case.    More: Sirisha Joined RJ Studio Six Months Ago, Her Aunt Reveals […]

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