Silpa Chakrapani To Quit TDP To Join His Brother

TDP MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy is all set to quit the party and join his brother Silpa Mohan Reddy. Were TDP leaders unsuccessful in convincing Chakrapani to stay back in their party?
Silpa Chakrapani To Quit TDP To Join His Brother

Nandyal: Ahead of campaign for by-election set to be intensified this week, TDP MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy is all set to quit the party and join his brother Silpa Mohan Reddy in the YSR Congress. As per sources, Mohan Reddy, who is contesting the by-election on the YSR Congress ticket, had visited his brother and requested him to join him in the battle.

On learning about this meeting, TDP leaders swung into action to convince Chakrapani Reddy. TDP MP C M Ramesh, Minister Kaluva Srinivasulu, have made futile attempts to retain Chakrapani Reddy, however he seemed to have already made up his mind to quit TDP and join YSR Congress.

Chakrapani Reddya��s joining, though it has been there on the cards and wasna��t a total surprise to many, will be an advantage for the YSR Congress when Jagan Mohan Reddy begins his campaign on August 3. This would add to the partya��s strength in Nandyal, where Silpa and Gangula families have been working together with the YSR Congress.

On its part, the TDP is a divided house here. Though Bhuma family is familiar among the people more than the Silpa family, the differences between Bhuma Akhila Priya and A V Subba Reddy, the right-hand man of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, have created a hiatus among the supporters. Subba Reddy is said to be working on his own, not associating himself with the campaign of Akhila Priya or with the candidate Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy.

Akhila Priya is also having differences with Kurnoola��s old horse: Deputy Chief Minister K E Krishna Murthy. Bhuma and KEa��s loyalists have no coordination that is set to work against the TDPa��s prospects. Though there are a dozen Ministers and a two dozens of legislators from the ruling party working in Nandyal, it is said that they all lack the coordination and everyone has his or her own campaign.

However, the only advantage that the TDP has is the expectations of the people on the 13,000 houses that are already grounded. The traders and citizens of Nandyal are happy with the road-widening project that ended recently. Even those who have lost their buildings partially demolished for the road widening are expecting high compensations, as promised by the government. They are confident that they would get the awesome compensation only if the ruling party wins the election. Same is the case with the beneficiaries of the 13,000 houses, whose applications are pending with the officials.

These 13,000 families are of the firm view that the houses would be completed and will be allocated to them only if the ruling party wins. Only this a�?softa�� corner of the people keeps the TDP on a little edge.

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