Silpa Chakrapani Reddy Quits TDP, Joins YSRCP

The politics in Nandyal heated up with the decision of Chakrapani Reddy, brother of YSRCP candidate Silpa Mohan Reddy to quit ruling Telugu Desam Party and joining YSRCP.

Kurnool: The Nandyal by-election politics have reached a crescendo after Telugu Desam Party (TDP) A�MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy had quit the party and joined YSRCP. Sources close to him said that he took the decision in a meeting heldA�on TuesdayA�with his followers.A�It is learnt that he has sent his faxed his resignation to Telugu Desam Party chief and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

It was learnt that the followers revealed the problems and humiliation they were facing in TDP. They also reportedly told him that ita��s not necessary to stay in a party where one is not respected.

Meanwhile, YSRCP candidate for Nandyal by-election, Silpa Mohan Reddy met his brother againA�on TuesdayA�evening. He asked his brother to cooperate in the by-elections.

On the other hand, efforts to convince Silpa Chakrapani Reddy by TDP leaders have failed. Also, A V Subba Reddy, a close friend and aide of late Bhuma Nagi Reddy met Chakrapani Reddy. It is learnt Chakrapani Reddy might announce his decisionA�on Wednesday.

The followers of Chakrapani Reddy made it clear that they would follow their leader, wherever he goes. They also fumed that they faced only humiliations in the party, despite their efforts for the party since a long time.

Meanwhile, ripples were created in the Party after MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy decided to quit TDP. Many TDP leaders arrived at his residence and tried to convince him to stay in the party. However, sources said that chakrapani Reddy has decided to quit TDP and join YSRCP according to the wishes of his followers. With this development, the Nandyal politics has heated up again.

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