A Silent Battle Begins At Kakinada Municipal Corporation

With people of the state locked in the by-election in Nandyala, not many are aware of the elections being held for the Kakinada Municipal Corporation in East Godavari district. The elections are being held for Kakinada following High Court intervention based on a petition.

Kakinada: A silent battle is in progress in the port town of East Godavari district. Elections are being held for the 48 wards of the Kakinada Municipal Corporation, as the High Court kept the issue related to two more wards aside following a petition.

Dealing with two petitions one against the delay in holding elections, and the other on the merger of three colonies with the municipal corporation, the High Court has directed the state government to hold elections to 48 divisions, and the State Election Commission has started the process.

The officials have issued notifications on August 3 and started receiving nominations from August 7 and will close the nominations filing process onA�August 10.

The election officials would take up the nominations for scrutiny onA�August 11A�and allow the candidates for withdrawals, if any, tillA�August 16. The civic body would go for voting onA�August 29A�and re-poling, if required onA�August 31. Counting of votes would be taken up onA�September 1.

The two major political parties have jumped into the battle picking up candidates for the 48 divisions. The TDP is yet to finalize its alliance with the BJP, which is also strong in the town and claims a major share of divisions from the TDP if alliance is worked out.

Leaders of the TDP and the BJP have not started the process for alliance, and it may take in the next couple of days. Deputy Chief Minister N Chinarajappa and Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu are closely monitoring the election. The BJPa��s floor leader Vishnukumar Raju has visited the town and held initial talks with the party leaders on the selection of candidates and reported back to the state leadership on the partya��s strengths and weaknesses.

On its part, the YSR Congress has sent its Rajya Sabha member V Vijayasai Reddy, Botsa Satyanarayana, Dharmana Prasada Rao, and Chevireddi Bhaskara Reddy held a couple of rounds of meetings with the local leaders to pick-up the candidates for the 48 divisions.

Vijayasai Reddy is likely to stay in the town monitoring the election tillA�August 29, as the rest of the party leaders are busy campaigning for the party in Nandayala.

The Congress too is planning to contest the elections and like in Nandyala, has sought the support of the left parties. It is to be seen if the Left would support the Congress or would deploy its own candidates.

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