Sign my Petition – torture of Capt. Saurabh Kalia by Pak Soldiers

Lata Jain

“Maa tu dekhna, aisa kaam kar jaunga ki saari dunia mein naam hoga.a�? Before Captain Saurabh Kalia left for “Operation Vijay”.

(mother, you see one day I will do such a deed that the whole world will remember me), these were his last words. He did not return but Captain Saurabh Kalias mutilated body was sent to India. He laid down his life in Kargil war while being held as a prisoner of war by the Pakistani army.

lata jain

Lata Jain is promoting a campaign a�?sign my petitiona�? for the brave Capt. Saurabh Kalia a Kargil War hero. About 68,000 people have already signed this campaign.

Capt.saurabhs father is making a representation to the Prime Minister Mr.Modi to Take Pakistan to International Court of Justice for torturing and murdering his son, Kargil war hero. He is fighting for justice for the last 16 years.

a�?My son was tortured. His eardrums were pierced with hot iron rods, eyes punctured, gouged out and genitals cut off. The Pakistan army burnt his body with cigarettes, broke most of his bones and teeth but he did not break his silence through this barbaric torture.a�?

They ultimately shot him dead. Barbaric,. Pakistan army subjected them to unprecedented brutal torture that violated the Geneva Convention. I want my sona��s killers to be identified, booked & punished for this inhuman crime.

I am the proud father of Capt. Saurabh Kalia who laid down his life in Kargil war while being held as a prisoner of war by the Pakistani army.

On June 9,1999, Indian army received his brutally tortured body from the Pakistan army & flew it to Palampur after conducting detailed post-mortem in New Delhi. My son went down protecting this country but his patriotism, grit, and valor never deserted.

This is a signature campaign asking the PM Narendra Modi and Ministry of External Affairs to take this case to the International Court of Justice. Saurabh died for India. a�?I want the Prime Minister and Ministry of External Affairs to take Pakistan to International Court of Justice for this heinous crime against humanity.a�?

Mr. NK Kalia through the social media is making requests a�?Can all the sensitive Indians across the world who love & respect HUMANITY & our great Nation, India, render more support on my petition? I would like & request maximum signatures on this petition at the earliest to show that all the Indians in the country or living abroad are rallying behind our proud soldiers.a�? is the free and easy way to start a petition and make your voice heard by governments and business leaders all over the world. Millions of people and organizations are using’s online petition tools to change laws, influence corporate behavior, and make their communities healthier, safer, and more equitable.

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  1. Srinivas says:

    Salute to Saurabh kalia who laid down his life for the country …
    We have to punish the Paki military establishment by the will power of our country people by all means known and unknown else the souls of our Marty’s will never forgive our country…

    Jai Hind …..

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