Shyam K Naidu Next Under SIT Interrogation

The cinematographer is being interrogated by Special Investigation Team at the Excise and Prohibition Office.
Drugs Case: Syam K Naidu Next Under SIT Interrogation

Hyderabad: It is now the turn of cinematographer Shyam K Naidu to be interrogated in the infamous Hyderabad drugs bust case. The cinematographer presented himself before the Special Investigation Team on Thursday sharp at 10 am.

It may be recalled that the previous day, SIT had grilled film director Puri Jagannadh for almost 11 long hours to gather evidence from him. Shyam is one of the closest associates of the director. A�More:A�Puri Cooperated With SIT: Akun Sabharwal

Puri Jagannadh was allowed to go after his long interrogation on Wednesday, though after his blood samples were collected. If indeed he has stopped doing drugs, he has nothing to worry about his blood samples, which a doctor from the Osmania General Hospital had drawn from him.

According to sources, traces of drugs remain in the blood up to six months after a person has stopped consuming drugs through a rehabilitation process. A�More:A�Drugs Case Digvijaya-KTR Tweets

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  1. July 20, 2017

    […] Meanwhile, KTR responded on Twitter with his own tweet: “You’ve completely lost it sir. Time to retire gracefully & do something worth your age. Glad that you’ve finally learnt to spell ‘Telangana’.”  More: Shyam K Naidu Next Under SIT Interrogation […]

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