Shruthi Walks Out Of Sanghamithra

Shruti Haasan walking out of mega film Sanghamitra has shocked film industry observers. Reasons are not known for the drastic decision, but it is surprising since Shruti has been preparing earnestly to act in the movie.

Chennai: It is certainly a big blow for her. It’s a shocking news from the viewpoint of Shruthi Hassan after she was expelled from prestigious flick “Sanghamithra”.

Exact reasons were not known, but the makers of the flick officially stated that due to unavoidable reasons the actress walked off!

Just minutes after, Shruthi’s personal representative released a statement which read: Shruthi has unfortunately taken a call not to be a part of Sanghamithra.

Shruthi took serious commitment for this film and missed many opportunities due to fixed schedules for this flick, Sanghamithra.

Shruthi Hassan is lucky to get the chance to act in a film which will cross the budget of Baahubali, two parts, and for this she learnt arts of warfare in London under guidance of a professional.

Sanghamithra is a tale which deals with 8th century AD story telling the trails and tribulations of the protagonist Sanghanithra, whose beauty is unparalleled, and her journey to save her kingdom. It is a story of many kingdoms, many equations, many relationships, told in an ambitious, larger than life, visually extravagant manner.

Ace producer C.Kalyan bagged the Telugu rights of multi-lingual entertainer for a whopping amount, but this certain decision of Shurthi Hassan, walking out of the project, will certainly impact buyers who gave huge amounts as advance.

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