Shiv Kumar’s Mother Blames CM Siddaramaiah For Raids

Gouramma, mother of Karnataka Energy Minister Shiv Kumar targeted the State Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for the Income Tax raids, alleging that CM was jealous of her son.

Bengaluru: Mother of Karnataka Energy Minister DK Shiv Kumar, Gouramma, attacked Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday and alleged that he was responsible for the raids on their residences.

Saying that her son had climbed up the political ranks fast, she also revealed that he had many enemies in the Congress. Just not stopping there, she alleged that Siddaramaih was jealous of his son’s success and wanted to malign him.

The chief minister just wants to use my son’s money, she angrily said.

“Both my sons are working for the party. The CM is able to continue because of my son’s support. My sons are working for the country. They haven‘t stolen anything from others. Why didn’t CM respond to the IT raids?” she questioned.

However, she also said that this was pure political vendetta at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders who responded to her allegations said that they were unable to understand why she was speaking against the chief minister and asked Minister Shiv Kumar to respond to these allegations.

The Congress government in the state is recovering from the shock of IT raids on Shiv Kumar’s residence. Raids on Shiv Kumar, who was close to Sonia and Rahul, jolted the party. Reliable sources said that Siddaramaiah is preparing a strategy to hit back at BJP.

CM Siddaramaiah is holding discussions with party senior leaders about the possible impact of these raids on the Assembly elections, which are scheduled to be held in ten months. The CM is also said to be gathering information through intelligence sources about people’s opinion on raids and is informing the same to the high command.

To this extent, the chief minister held a meeting with state ACB and Lokayukta officials as per the instructions he received from Delhi. He also asked about the pending cases against the BJP, and the JDS leaders.

The chief minister primarily asked about the cases against the BJP State president Yeddyurappa, MP Sobha, Central Minister Anant Kumar, MPs PC Mohan, Sri Ramulu, senior leaders R Ashok, K Subrahmanyam and 17 others. He was believed to have procured information about JDS leader Kumaraswamy.

Siddaramaiah would be sending a detailed report about all these cases to the high command in one or two days. According to reliable sources, Siddaramayya asked ACB, and Lokayukta to start an investigation of cases targeting the BJP leaders.

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