Shed Apathy Towards Kalwakurthy: Vamshichand Tells Govt.

Hyderabad: Kalwakurthy Congress MLA Ch Vamshichand Reddy has alleged that not a single drop of water was coming to his constituency while it should be getting water enough to irrigate 62,000 acres.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall on Thursday, Vamshichand alleged that the TRS government was colluded with the contractors and trying to make Kalwakurthy constituency as a desert. Alleging that the State government was deliberately depriving water to Kalwakurthy constituency, Vamshichand said his constituents were opposing severely the orders reducing D82 works and demanded that the government withdraw the controversial order.

He alleged that the State government reduced the capacity of D82 and increased capacity of Ghanapar under the pressure of TRS leader S Niranjan Reddy. The State government was colluded with the Andhra contractors and was greedy for commissions given by them, he alleged. He also warned the government of peoplea��s wrath if it failed to mend its attitude towards Kalwakurthy constituency.


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