Sharif elicits no response from world powers

Washington:A�Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif found no support for his argument over Kashmir when he raised the issue with leaders of several powerful countries., the news reports suggest. Sharif is in New York attending the annual UN General Assembly.

While Pakistan once again stood prominently before international community as a perpetrator of global terror in the back drop of militant attack on an Indian army camp which claimed 18 lives, Sharif made a vain attempt to muster support for his Kashmir bogey.A� He sent letters to US, UK, Russia, China and France urgingA� to intervene, a�?to halt more than two months of violence in Kashmir a�?.A� He termed it as a threat to the international peace, the Pakistan media reports.

Pakistan media reported about their Prime Ministera��s interaction with British Prime Minister Theresa May and the US secretary of state John Kerry, in which Sharif tried to impress them with his Kashmir argument. But in contrast to the other Pakistani leaders interactions with their counterparts, no briefing was given about their Prime Ministera��s meet with British PM, and US secretary of state. This indicates how sharif elicited lukewarm response to his Kashmir rantings from US and UK.

Likewise, Sharifa��s recent attempts to raise Kashmir at the UN also fallen flat. According to many observers, his Kashmir flogging mainly aimed at domestic compulsions to outdo his army chief or to keep the General in good humour.

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