Shantha Sinha Accuses Naidu Of Breaking Law

AP CM Naidu posts photo of a 13 yr old alleged sexual abuse survivor which amounts to breaking the law as per National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Amaravati: On April 14th, a teenager by name Sheela (name changed) was abducted by a BSF jawan , Nageshwara Rao and taken to Kashmir. After 45 days of hard and tough operation, Guntur police were successful in bringing back the child and in arresting the accused.

Nageshwara Rao claimed that he married the girl and forcibly held her with him all these days.
The minor met CM Naidu along with Nannapaneni Rajakumari, AP Womena��s Commission Chairperson. Sheela’s parents were also present when they met CM.

But a picture which was published in social media of TDP upset the social activists. The picture includes CM Naidu posing with Sheela and her parents and content with Naidu’s promise of financial assistance.

As per activists, Sheela is a minor and a victim of sexual abuse and it is against law to reveal her identity in public. Shantha Sinha, a renowned child rights activist said that revealing her name in public will lead to defame and disgrace in public. She further said that even media cana��t carry her photo neither can any other public platform. The girl is too young and may not realise the consequences now but tomorrow if she does not like the photo she had with CM, she may change her mind.

Shantha cited Nirbhaya case as an example and said that minor has her face covered during court trail and her identity ws not revealed.

As per section 23(2) of the POCSO Act a�? No reports in any media shall disclose the identity of child, including his/her name , address, photograph, school, neighbourhood or any other particulars which may led to identity of child except if special court permits during traila�?.

According to Indian Law, sex with a person below 18 years is rape and as far as publishing the photo of the victim is concerned, it is violation of Juvenile Justice Act, as per Sunitha Krishnan, co-founder of Prajwala which deals with rehabilitation and reintegration of sex trafficked victims into society. She also said that child should be under psycho-social support until she gets adjusted to normal life.

There is a different opinion on the photo of CM in social activists. Some felt that there is nothing wrong in CM posing with girl as it was done with the interest of the survivor.

It is absolutely wrong in posting a sexually abused girl in partya��s social media for political, publicity gain, felt many activists.

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