Shaha��s Visit To Telugu States, What Did It Mean?

BJPa��s national President Amit Shah toured Telangana and Andhra for 6 days to boost partya��s prospects for 2019 elections. Has it triggered political storm in Telugu states as expected?

Hyderabad: Before Amit Shaha��s tour there was clear and confident statements by BJP leaders in both states that the tour will bring momentum for party cadre and big leaders from other parties will plunge into BJP. They also said it will create tremors for TRS in Telangana and the TDP in AP.

When Shah toured Nalgonda district of Telangana, he tried to pluck the feathers of TRS by stating that ruling party is not using the Central government schemes properly and Modi Government gave nearly a�? 1 lakh crores for the development of Telangana. But the rebuttal by CM KCR has put Shah on the back foot which was not expected of him.

Same thing happened when he gave a call that Hyderabad LS seat will be won by the BJP in 2019 elections. Owaisi came back with harsh words by saying AIMIM will win not only Hyderabad but also Secunderabad LS Seat which is with the BJP now.

Later on, Amit Shah moved to Vijayawada for a public meeting which witnessed a large crowd for the first time for BJP in Andhra. Thanks to Somaraju Veerraju, who is trying to become BJP AP in-charge before next elections. He tried to pull the attention with slogans from his cadre TO LEAVE TDP as Somraju is anti-TDP.

Before that Amit Shah had a closed one-to-one meeting with Naidu and exchanged views about the future of the two parties in sate. He also heard the views of local leaders like kavuri, kanna, Hari babu and Union Minister venkiah Naidu.

When discussion came about Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan, it is learnt that Shah told BJP leaders not to bother about Pawan. At the same time, while addressing media, Shah said that party cadre is forcing the BJP to contest alone in 2019 elections and a decision will depend upon the situation just before the elections.

Finally, Shaha��s visit did not create any flutter as expected. No leader has joined the party either in Telangana or in Andhra. Not very important persons like Director Chinni Krishna have joined the party. But one thing is clear, Shah warmed up the partya��s c