A Sex Worker’s Letter To PM Modi Seeking Help

A Bangladeshi national who was rescued from a brothel in Pune in 2015 tweeted a hand written letter to PM Modi seeking his help to convert Rs 10,000 that she got as tips from her customers.

Delhi: A sex worker rescued from a brothel in 2015, tweeted a hand-written letter to the prime minister to help her convert Rs. 10,000 she had saved in the old denominations to new ones.

The Bangladeshi national was rescued from a brothel in Budhwarpeth, Pune in December 2015. The woman was brought to India under the pretext of a job and was sold into commercial sex work.

Though she was rescued two years ago, she got a clearance to go to her homeland only recently.

The woman in her letter, explaining her circumstances also wrote how the money she had collected as tips from customers was in possession of the brothel owners.

The woman wrote that she was in an abusive marriage for about three years before she came to India. Taking responsibility of her parents, she worked at a garment factory in Bangladesh and earned Rs. 9000 per month. However, one of her colleagues tempted her about the lucrative opportunities in India, she wrote.

As she decided to go to India due to her financial conditions, her colleaguea��s contact brought her to Vashi and sold her to a Nepali woman for just Rs. 50,000, the survivor wrote in her letter.

Later, she was taken to Bengaluru and was handed over to another woman who forced her into prostitution, she stated. She was assured that she would be sent back to Bangladesh, she wrote.

However, she ended up in Pune until she was rescued in 2015 with the help of Rescue Foundation. All her belongings and money were left at the brothel place.

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