Sex Tape: It is several years Old, say Sources

NEW DELHI:A� Sandeep Kumar, ex-minister for Child Welfare and Social Justice in AAP who was sacked by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal over a sex scandal, said that he is being targeted because he is a Dalit.

He says, “I am being targeted because I am a Dalit. The man seen in the video and photographs with two other women is not me”. Former minister had indicated that he is considerably more heavyset than the man in the video and photographs. He has asked for an investigation on this matter.

On the other day in a video message to all the AAP workers, CM Arvind Kejriwal said “Sandeep Kumar betrayed the party, he betrayed the AAP movement and the trust of all the people who are supporting us. We will never ever compromise on our core values. We will prefer to die, close the party or perish than tolerating the wrongdoings.”

Opposition parties have called Mr Kejriwal’s action against Mr Kumar as “damage control”. Also BJP and Congress held protests against the ruling government in Delhi demanding Mr Kejriwal’s resignation.

Delhi’s deputy CM Manish Sisodia has dismissed the allegation made by the opposition’s which said Mr Kejriwal knew about the video 15 days prior to which it was leaked.

Sources close to the former minister said, that “he (Sandeep Kumar) was a student then, who was studying law and likely recorded the video and took the pictures by himself, Mr Kumar has not been accused of breaking any law. None of the women from the video, nor his wife have complained against him.”

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