All Set For Vice-President Poll On August 5

With the NDA having 338 seats in Lok Sabha and 58 in Rajya Sabha, its candidate Venkaiah Naidu is all set to become the next vice president.

New Delhi: As expected, the ruling NDAa��s candidate M Venkaiah Naidu is all set to be Indiaa��s new vice president as MPs gear up to cast their voteA�on Saturday.

Unlike, the counting for the presidential election, the result of the next vice-presidential election will be revealed byA�SaturdayA�evening.

The ruling NDA, with a majority in Lok Sabha, can easily place its candidate as the next vice president. It may be recalled that the united opposition had fielded Gopal Krishna Gandhi as their candidate.

Despite allying with the BJP in the state, the JD(U) already declared that it would not vote for NDA candidate in vice-presidential elections. The JD(U), which supported Kovind for the president, will now back opposition nominee Gandhi for vice-presidential candidate.

Like in the Presidential election, MPs will use special pens for marking their choice in the election to be held betweenA�10 am and 5 pmA�on Saturday. The counting of votes will be taken up after polling is completed and the final result will be declared byA�7.00 pm, Election Commission officials said.

As the election is being held through a secret ballot, the political parties can not issue any whip. The term of office of present incumbent Hamid Ansari, who had been elected twice consecutively for the vice-president post, will expire onA�August 10.

The Electoral College which elects the vice president, who is also the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha, consists of elected and nominated members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

While the total strength of the two Houses is 790, there were two vacancies in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha.A�A�The BJP MP in Lok Sabha, A�Chhedi Paswan is barred from casting his vote following a judicial pronouncement.

While the BJP has 281 members in the 545-member Lok Sabha, the aggregate members of the NDA, led by the BJP has got 338 members.

In the 243-member Rajya Sabha, the BJP has 58 members as of today, the Congress has 57 members. By next year, NDAa��s tally would be close to 100 due to the recent victories in the assembly polls.

Meanwhile, the candidate who bags fifty percent plus one vote of the total valid votes cast will win the poll.

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