Scorpene submarine secret documents leaked

New Delhi: The government ordered a probe into the reported leak of secret documents revealing the combat capabilities of Scorpene submarines.  French ship builder DCNS designed these submarines for the Indian Navy.

The leak of these massive documents, running to 22,400 pages, could prove an intelligence boon for Pakistan and China, The Australian newspaper reported on Tuesday. The documents detail key capabilities of the submarines, including the frequencies at which the vessels gather intelligence, their diving depths, range and endurance and the specifications of the torpedo launch and combat systems.

“I understand there has been a case of hacking,” defence minister Manohar Parikar told reporters. “We will find out what has happened.”

“The first step is to identify if it’s related to us, and anyway it’s not all 100% leak,” Parrikar said.

In its first reaction, the Indian Navy said: “It appears that the source of the leak is from overseas and not in India.”

A naval spokesperson said following the “suspected leak of documents related to Scorpene submarines”, the “available information is being examined” at the defence ministry’s integrated headquarters. The spokesperson added that “an analysis is being carried out by the concerned specialists”.

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