School Turned Into Dance Bar In UP

A village head turned a primary school into a dance bar on the occasion of his sona��s birthday celebrations.

Lakhanpur:A�A�The whole world respects the place where children are taught, but a village head in UP turned the same place into a dance bar, bringing disgrace to the place and to him.

The incident that took place in a government primary school situated in Tetriya village of Jamalpur in Mirzapur district shocked the nation as a video of the event went viral on social media.

According to reports, the village head organized a party on Rakshabandhan Day i.e.,A�on MondayA�night to celebrate his sona��s birthday.

The school was closed for three days on the occasion of Rakshabandhan.

The video which went viral showed the guests showering money on the women dancing to Bhojpuri songs. The local media said that the attendees were heads of surrounding villages.

Meanwhile, the teachers who opened the schoolA�on TuesdayA�found the classrooms like garbage bins. When they enquired as to what happened, the issue came to light. The school principal said that the village head came to him and asked for the keys of the school, but did not reveal the purpose.

The teachers complained to Primary Education Officer, Pravin Kumar Tiwari, over the incident. The PEO reportedly assured an investigation into the incident. He also said that they would submit a report over the incident to the district magistrate, and clarified that the school staff was in no way involved in the episode.

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