SC to BCCI: a�?Fall in line, or…a��

New Delhi: The Supreme Court of India has advised the BCCI to follow the courta��s directive to implement Lodha committeea��s recommendations, otherwise it will take measures to enforce them.

The chief justice of India TS Thakur told the BCCIa��s counsel to respond back in a week.

As news reports suggest the Supreme Court is very angry on BCCI for stalling the Lodha committee recommendations and in a stinging remark, the chief justice of India TS Thakur said, “BCCI thinks it is law unto itself,” and added “We know how to get our orders implemented. BCCI thinks it is the lord. You better fall in line or we will make you fall in line. The conduct of the BCCI is in poor taste.”

Thakur was responding to a status report submitted by Lodha Committee on Wednesday to Supreme Court in which, the Lodha Committee had asked the Supreme Court to “supersede” the BCCI’s top brass with “immediate effect” because its officials had not complied with various timelines set by the committee to implement the recommendations passed by the Supreme Court order on July 18.

“BCCI, it seems, will go to the extent of defying court orders,” Thakur said. “We had been anticipating such disregard from the board. We don’t appreciate such tactics by the BCCI. We have no difficulty in passing orders to make sure our previous orders are implemented.”

In the wake of the IPL spot-fixing and betting scandal, the Lodha panel was formed by the Supreme Court to bring reforms in the BCCI. The BCCI has offered resistance to the Lodha Committee’s recommendations, having filed a review petition last month against the Supreme Court’s order.

In the petition, the BCCI called the court order “unreasoned” and asked for the recusal of chief justice Thakur from its hearing. However, the court raised technical objections to the petition and asked the BCCI to repair them.

Next hearing on the BCCIa��s reply is slated to be taken up on October 6.

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