Save TDP, Good Bye: Suicide Note Shocks Lokesh

Amaravati: A suicide note addressed to Chinababu, Nara Lokesh, which says,”Save TDP good bye,” created deep shock in ruling party on Wednesday. Appasani Eshwar, TNSF leader from Krishna district, was upset with the party’s stand on various issues and its functioning for a few months and committed suicide out of depression.

He uploaded this in his personal FB listing the reasons for committing suicide ultimately alleging that there was no place in the party for hard workers like him who was insulted without giving any post to serve the party and the people.

Eshwar also stated that the party (TDP) gave importance to leaders who migrated from different parties into TDP who enjoying the positions. He commented that this trend is a big setback for the party.

” Reason for my suicide is utter disappointment with the TDP government which is ignoring party workers who are honestly sacrificing their lives for the party,” Eshwar said.

This is certainly a rude shock for Nara Lokesh who is going to be inducted into cabinet on April 2nd week. He will be taking oath as MLC on Thursday. Nara Lokesh looked after the membership drive for youth in AP and Telangana, but that was done by keeping aside party youth wing workers who faced odds from 2004 to 14 durin congress rule and stood firm with the TDP.

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