Save TDP, Good Bye: Suicide Note Shocks Lokesh

Amaravati: A suicide note addressed to Chinababu, Nara Lokesh, which says,”Save TDP good bye,” created deep shock in ruling party on Wednesday. Appasani Eshwar, TNSF leader from Krishna district, was upset with the party’s stand on various issues and its functioning for a few months and committed suicide out of depression.

He uploaded this in his personal FB listing the reasons for committing suicide ultimately alleging that there was no place in the party for hard workers like him who was insulted without giving any post to serve the party and the people.

Eshwar also stated that the party (TDP) gave importance to leaders who migrated from different parties into TDP who enjoying the positions. He commented that this trend is a big setback for the party.

” Reason for my suicide is utter disappointment with the TDP government which is ignoring party workers who are honestly sacrificing their lives for the party,” Eshwar said.

This is certainly a rude shock for Nara Lokesh who is going to be inducted into cabinet on April 2nd week. He will be taking oath as MLC on Thursday. Nara Lokesh looked after the membership drive for youth in AP and Telangana, but that was done by keeping aside party youth wing workers who faced odds from 2004 to 14 durin congress rule and stood firm with the TDP.

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Lokesh, A Comedian Like Brahmanandam: Anil Yadav

YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar Yadav compared Jagan with Baahubali and Lokesh with Brahmanandam.

Amaravati: YSRCP MLA Anil Kumar Yadav came up with a controversial statement when comparing their leader with Nara Lokesh. As per him, both Lokesh and YS jagan has only one similarity that is being CM’s sons.

Anil further added that YS Jagan is Andhra Baahubali and he will win in next elections like Baahubali hit.

God made him opposition leader so that he will understand the difficulties faced by the people before taking over the reins, Anil felt.

In a comparison between YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Nara Lokesh, Anil compared their leader to Baahubali and Lokesh to comedian Brahmanandam. One has to see how the reaction of Lokesh will be to this comparison.

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Lokesh Faces Nasty Experience At Yerpedu

Young Minister Nara Lokesh had a bad experience at Yerpedu where he went to condole the death of villagers in a lorry accident.

Chittoor: Nara Lokesh , IT and Panchayati Raj Minister, faced a nasty experience when he went to condole the families of the victims at Yerpedu on Saturday.

A victim argued with Lokesh that TDP people are behind sand mafia. She also said that she will give ₹ 10 lakhs and asked them to get back her husband who died in the bizarre accident on Friday .

The villagers gave representation on sand mafia a number of times but no one responded, “It is not just keeping roads in Amaravathi, try to pay attention on villagers too,” she screamed at Lokesh.

Lokesh in a convincing manner tried to cool down the anger of the victim’s kin by saying that the kins of dead can come to Amaravathi and assured they will have good future. It would have been better if IT Minister had assured that action would be taken against sand mafia rather than asking the relatives of the victims to go to Amaravati. Lokesh has declared that there is no sand Mafia in AP.

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Naidu Elevates Son Lokesh By Another Step

AP CM Naidu’s government had issued GO making Lokesh a member of the State Industrial Promotion Board member.

Amaravati: The efforts to promote Nara Lokesh are continuing in a phased manner. Having inducted him into the Cabinet and giving him the key portfolios of IT and Panchayat Raj, the AP government had issued a new GO extending membership to Lokesh in the State Industrial Promotion Board, which is responsible for industries promotion and clearing permissions.

The Board chaired by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has ministers as members and Chief Secretary as member-secretary. After the reshuffle of the cabinet and the subsequent change of the portfolios of some of the Ministers, who are members of this Board, the government had issued GO incorporating the names of the new members. Taking advantage of the situation, the government had also extended the membership to Lokesh, an elevation that gives the young Minister to have control over the new industries coming to the State.

The board has Ministers Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, P Narayana, S Chandramohan Reddy, C Adinarayana Reddy, K Kala Venkata Rao and Pitani Satyanarayana. The board meets every month and clears the issues concerning to the industrial policy, licences and other issues

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Criminal Action Against Social Media For Defaming TDP: Lokesh

Lokesh has asked TDP ministers to take criminal action against those who indulge in defaming the party in social media.

Vijayawada: Nara Lokesh, IT and Panchayats raj Minister, urged Ministers to take severe criminal action against those who ate tarnishing party’s image through social media.

In a power point presentation during coordination committee meeting at Amaravati, Lokesh said that mainstream media is favourable to the party but there is no control on the damage going on in social media.

On Amedkar Jayanthi, Lokesh greeted people as Vardhanthi which went viral in social medi. There were postings pointing out his Telugu pronunciation at the time of oath taking as MLC. Lokesh, who was deeply hurt by this incident, felt there should be some restriction on the social media as the posts are done without any restraint.

Now TDP leaders are busy studying cyber laws as some posts are directed towards party as castiest, corrupt, money minded and communal.

Lokesh felt that the party’s image is getting tarnished by negative propaganda through social media and planning to bring a new law which may push netizens behind bars if the posts are offensive and not within rules.

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Dynasty Politics: After All Ability Matters

While dynasty can help elevate the heirs to the throne, it is ultimately their ability that helps them retain it.

Hyderabad: The stage is being set by the chief ministers of both Telugu States to project their sons as their successors. While in Telangana there seems to be a clarity in the ruling party that Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao’s (KCR)son K Taraka Rama Rao(KTR) is going to be the next chief minister if the party comes to power, in Andhra Pradesh, CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu recently elevated his son as a minister. Naidu is sure to follow his Telangana counterpart soon.

Though India is a democracy and every leader speaks about the democratic values that need to be protected, it’s an irony that most of the regional parties which flayed Congress party for dynasty politics are emulating it. From Karunanidhi to KCR or Naidu, it is the family that comes first. It is widely reported after 2014 general elections that 22 per cent of MPs elected had the dynastic background.  The situation in the States is no different. The popular regional parties are promoting their sons or daughters as their successors.  Though there had been people who worked for the party from its formation and become right hand  to the party supremo, only sons or daughters are preferred by the leader. There are few exceptions to this rule.

Coming to the Telugu States, how well these young leaders are going to perform as chief ministers?  While KCR without having any political background moulded himself into a tall leader, Naidu had his father-in-law who launched a party, TDP, for Naidu to take over. But, both worked hard to be where they are today.  Each one of them is a novice in politics. Whilst KTR appeared on the political arena during the Telangana Movement led by his father a few years ago, Nara Lokesh who has just stepped in was given heavy portfolios like Rural Development and Panchayati Raj.

The one glaring difference between the two young leaders is that while KTR was directly elected by people, Nara Lokesh was elected in an indirect election, by MLAs. KTR proved himself during the municipal polls in Hyderabad, Lokesh is yet to prove his mettle. Oratory comes easily to KTR, while Lokesh needs more experience in addressing the masses. Telangana has all the resources and is already a surplus State, but Andhra Pradesh needs to be developed and moulded. The Centre might help in providing the resources but spending them wisely needs experience. Above all, in Telangana, the opposition is very weak without  a strong leader. The case of Andhra Pradesh is different; the president of YSR Congress party has already made a mark despite the ruling party dubbing him as corrupt.

The rising of sons in politics is nothing new in India after independence. Probably our strong family values blind us to this phenomenon and accept it as something natural. With all the publicity, Akhilesh Yadav, son of Mulayam lost the elections recently. He was a beginner when he was made the chief minister. He could not make a mark and people rejected him. All said and done, ability to deliver on the promises made matters to the public.  Only an able leader can fulfil the promises made. Only he can win the confidence of the people. There are no short cuts in politics.

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Nara Lokesh Takes Charge As Minister

The first signature he made was on the file which recognises the families that worked for 50 days as construction workers

Amaravathi: The heir apparent of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu took charge as the Minister for IT, Panchayath Raj, Rural Development. Amidst Vedic chants, Nara Lokesh stepped into his chamber which is situated in the fifth block of AP Secretariat. Later, he performed puja in his chambers.

On behalf of TTD, Dollar Seshadri and JEO Srinivasa Raju presented him with a shawl and Lord Venkateswara’s prasadam to him.

Lokesh signed on three files immediately after taking charge as the minister. The first signature he made was on the file which recognises the families that worked for 50 days as construction workers.

Later he signed the files regarding solid waste maintenance in the villages by Panchayati Raj. Later, he assured that he would strive for the development of all the villages in the State.


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Lokesh Gets Panchayat Raj, IT Portfolios

Amaravati: Nara Lokesh was given the prime portfolios of Panchayat Raj and Information Technology. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu allocated portfolios to the Ministers here on Monday afternoon. The Chief Minister seemed to have put in a lot of exercise in allocating portfolios. While he had changed the portfolios of many of the Ministers, he did not touch the portfolios of the two Deputy Chief Ministers, N China Rajappa and K E Krishna Murthy, and that of Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, P Narayana, Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, Ganta Srinivasa Rao and the two Ministers from the Bharatiya Janata Party – Kamineni Srinivas and P Manikyala Rao.

The Chief Minister had moved Prathipati Pulla Rao, Siddha Raghava Rao, Paritala Sunitha, Kollu Ravindra, K Atchennaidu and Ch Ayyannapathrudu to the new portfolios. While Prathipati Pullarao is moved to the Civil Supplies, Siddha Raghava Rao is made the new Minister for Forests. Ayyanna Pathrudu who was holding the Panchayat Raj portfolio was moved to the Roads and Buildings as his portfolio was given to Nara Lokesh. Paritala Sunitha, who held the Civil Supplies earlier would now look after the women and child welfare.

The youngest member of the Cabinet, Akhila Priya was given the Tourist portfolio, while the two other defectors from YSR Congress, C Adinarayana Reddy and N Amarnatha Reddy were given the Marketing and Industries portfolios respectively. Kaluva Srinivasulu is made the Minister for Information and Public Relations.


The portfolios

N Chandrababu Naidu Chief Minister, GAD, Investment, Infrastrucutre, Minority Welfare & Empowerment, Cinematography, Happiness Index, and all other portfolios not allocated to the Ministers
K E Krishna Murthy Deputy Chief Minister, Revenue, Stamps & Registration
N Chinarajappa Deputy Chief Minister, Home & Disaster Management
Y Ramakrishnudu Finance, Planning, Commercial Taxes & Legislative Affairs
Nara Lokesh Panchayat Raj, Rural Development, Information Technology & Communications
K Kala Venkata Rao Energy
K Atchannaidu Transport, BC Welfare& Empowerment, Handlooms & Textlies
Sujaya Krishna Ranga Rao Mines and geology
Ch Ayyanna Pathrudu Roads and Buildings
Ganta Srinivasa Rao Human Resources Development
K S Jawahar Excise
Pithani Satyanarayana Labour, Employment, Training and Factories
P Manikyala Rao Endowments
Kamineni Srinivasa Rao Health and Medical Education
Kollu Ravindra Law, Justice, Skill Development, Youth, Sports, Unemployment Benefits, NRD Empowerment and Benefits
Devineni Umamaheswara Rao Water Resources Management
Nakka Ananda Babu Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare
Prathipati Pulla Rao Price Monitoring, Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies
Siddha Raghava Rao Environment, Forests, Science & Technology
P Narayana Municipal Administration, Urban Development & Urban Housing
S Chandramohan Reddy Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, & Agri-processing
C Adinarayana Reddy Marketing, Warehousing, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Fisheries & Cooperatives
Bhuma Akhila Priya Reddy Tourism, Telugu Language & Culture
Kaluva Srinivasulu Rural Housing, Information & Public Relations
Paritala Suneetha SERP, Women Empowerment, Child Welfare, Disabled & Senior Citizens Welfare
A Amarnatha Reddy Industries, Food Processing, Agri-Business, Commerce & Public Enterprise




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Lokesh Emulates KTR, Gets Same Portfolios

Amaravati: Scenario looks to be similar for both Telugu state CMs’ sons in their ministries. Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son K Tarakarama Rao was holding the Panchayat Raj ministry along with IT.

Now AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu is following the footsteps of his counterpart by announcing the same ministries to his son Nara Lokesh, who was inducted into Cabinet a day before.

It is well aware that Panchayat Raj ministry will be getting more funds from Centre and at the same time both states are competing with each other to pull IT investors. Now the competition will be in between these two youngsters in attracting investments to their respective states.

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Chandrababu Sets April 2 For Cabinet Reshuffle

TDP’s 2019 election cabinet to be led by Lokesh

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: Telugu Desam Party supremo and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had finally zeroed in on having his Cabinet reshuffle on April 2. Though it was initially planned to have the reshuffle either on April 6 or 9, Chandrababu Naidu had finally advanced the date and fixed it for April 2. The new Ministers would take oath in the new Assembly complex area at Velagapudi with Governor E S L Narasimhan flying down from Hyderabad.

Chandrababu Naidu’s son and TDP’s national general secretary Nara Lokesh, who was elected as MLC recently and tipped for a Cabinet Minister is set to be projected as the leader of the Cabinet that would take the TDP for the 2019 general elections. Sources in the TDP say that Lokesh would have an important portfolio that would give him a chance to have control over both the rural and urban populations.

The other sure member to enter the Cabinet is Bhuma Akhila Priya, who had defected to the TDP from YSR Congress along with her father late Bhuma Nagi Reddy. Besides the defectors, another sure name to enter the cabinet is the president of the TDP in the State, K Kalavenkata Rao.

The possible names that would be shown the exit door included that of K Mrinalini, Peethala Sujatha, Ravela Kishore Babu, Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy and Kollu Ravindra. Rumors are also doing rounds about the change of deputy chief minister N Chinarajappa who is tipped for the party’s AP unit president in the place of Kalavenkata Rao. Similarly, Minister for Urban Development P Narayana is also said to be dropped from the Cabinet and would be made chairman of the AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA), which is now headed by Chief Minister himself.

Besides inclusions and deletions, the Chief Minister is planning to make changes to the portfolios of some of the Ministers with whose performance he is not happy.

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Can Lokesh In 2019 Emulate Akhilesh Of 2012?

Amaravati/Lucknow: Lokesh Naidu, son of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, has taken oath as Member of AP Legislative Council on Thursday. He will be inducted into the Cabinet in a couple of days, probably on April 2. Lokesh had to make a lot of effort to pronounce the oath in Telugu. He could not say ‘saarva bhoumatyam’ properly.

This apart, there are many similarities between Lokesh and Akhilesh on one hand and between TDP and SP on the other. Can Lokesh do in 2019 what Akhilesh did in 2012?

Let us see under what circumstances Akhilesh became chief minister of the most populous state in the country more than five years ago. He spearheaded the election campaign in 2012 and was anointed chief minister by his doting father Mulayam Singh Yadav. The patriarch of Samajwadi Party (SP) was the supreme leader who was chief minister for three times. After winning 220 out of 403 seats in UP Assembly in 2012 elections, Mulayam could have taken oath as CM for the fourth time had he wanted. But a combination of love for his son, generosity and personal ambition made Mulayam Singh Yadav to hand over the reins of government to Akhilesh Yadav who was barely 38-year old. However, Mulayam had kept the party with him as its national president. At the time of appointing his beloved son who is educated and modern minded, Mulayam was nursing the ambition of becoming prime minister. In fact, he wanted to keep himself free to take national mantle while son rules from Lucknow. At that point in time, the UPA was on the decline what with a plethora of scandals from 2G to Coal. Narendra Modi was not in the picture even remotely. He was facing allegations of presiding over the pogrom in which more than a thousand Muslims were killed.

The communal riots in the wake of Godhra train sabotage was the hot topic in those days as the CBI was in hot pursuit of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Nobody thought Mohan Bhagawathi, the RSS chieftain, would dump Lal Krishna Advani, the tallest BJP leader, and Sushma Swaraj, a claimant to the highest office, and then go on making Modi the prime ministerial face of the BJP. Mulayam thought he had fair chances of leading a third alternative if he could manage to win fifty percent of the 80 Lok Sabha seats from UP in 2014 general elections. It was not an unrealistic hope. UPA led by the Congress was facing double incumbency factor. BJP was not an inspiring alternative at that time.

There was a talk in political circles that a person of Mulayam Singh’s standing could lead the secular front. It is now history that Mulayam’s hopes were dashed with the tsunami created by Narendra Modi’s magnificent campaign and historic win. The SP could bag only five seats and the Congress just two from UP. The insult on the injury inflicted on the senior most Socialist leader was the revolt by Akhilesh Yadav weeks before 2017 UP Assembly election. The second tsunami caused by Modi who created a saffron wave, basing on which Yogi Adityanath became chief minister, is again part of recent history.

What are the takeaways for AP from the UP experience? What are the commonalities? What are the dissimilarities?

Like Mulayam, Chandrababu Naidu is the supreme leader of Telugu Desam Party (TDP). He has also taken oath as chief minister for the third time in June 2014. Lokesh, like Akhilesh, is foreign educated and modern minded. Lokesh is the undisputed heir of Chandrababu and hence the TDP. The flip side is he has no headache that Akhilesh had to deal with. Akhilesh has an uncle, Shivpal Yadav, who is a capable, assertive and ambitious. He was party manager and the blue-eyed boy of Mulayam Singh. Lokesh’s uncle Nara Ramamurthy Naidu, on the other hand, is not in the picture. He is said to have been suffered from some emotional setback. Naidu’s wife Bhuvaneshwari is hale and healthy looking after family business, Heritage. There is no Sandhya Gupta in Chandrababu Naidu’s life. Lokesh has no Azam Khan in his party to contend with. No Amar Singh and Jayaprada either. Senior Naidu kept tight leash over the party without allowing any one to grow and stake a claim to any position. The sole arbitrator in the TDP is Chandrababu Naidu. He is the proprietor.

Naidu has no ambition to become prime minister. He had opportunity twice in the second half of the turbulent 1990s to claim the top mantle. As convenor of National Front he played an important role in making Gujral the PM. He had no ambition at that time although there was an opportunity. Even if he has ambition now, there is no opportunity with Modi sitting pretty looking unbeatable even in 2019. Another point of dissimilarity is that Naidu cannot hope to achieve in 2019 what Mulayam did in 2012. Then Mulayam was riding anti-Mayawati wave. Mayawati’s five years in office created a strong anti-incumbency sentiment that helped SP to sweep the polls. In the case of Naidu, he will have to contend with his own anti-incumbency factor beside the aggressive YSRCP led by a young YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who resembles Akhilesh. Which means Lokesh can now become a minister and gain experience for two years before plunging into election campaign. Whether Naidu will give a major role in the campaign to Lokesh for 2019 elections like Mulayam did in 2012 is a moot point.

If some extraordinary developments or situations or alliances help TDP to win again in the next elections, will Naidu hand over the mantle to his son who will be 37 by then and keep the party with him? Can Naidu keep away from CM’s chair and entrust the responsibility to his son. Would Naidu who does not trust anyone keep faith in his son? In case Naidu refuses to yield, can Lokesh do to his father what Naidu did to hfl his father-in-law ( NTR, Grandfather of Lokesh) in 1995 or at least what Lokesh did to his father in 2017? Does Lokesh have the administrative capabilities and skills to take the gparty with him that Lokesh exhibited in ample measure? Whatever may the RJY future hold for him, Lokesh will be watched very closely from today.

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Balayya Hugs As Lokesh Takes Oath As MLC

Vijayawada: TDP’s General Secretary Nara Lokesh took oath as an MLC in presence of senior Ministers and leaders in Council Chairman Chamber in simple way.

Hindupur MLA, Father-in-law of Lokesh, Balakrishna hugged him affectionately as soon as Lokesh took oath. Balakrishna MLA was centre of attraction with special get up in this function.

Now all eyes are on Lokesh, who will be inducted int state cabinet in April second week. We have to see how Lokesh will cope up the issues like SCS, Agri Gold, farmers’ loan waiver, SSC paper leakage which are hurdles in  front for ruling party.

Perhaps the youngest leader to be the member of this elders’ House, Lokesh would have just two days experience in the House before he becomes a Minister in his father’s Cabinet. While he is expected to sit in the Council in the morning session listening to the other members’ speeches where a good number of them, particularly from the ruling TDP, are expected to shower praise on him. The TDP MLCs are preparing long speeches packed with phrases and praises to define the leadership qualities of Lokesh. The Council Hall is set to see the glorifying speeches of the Members to welcome a new and young member to the House.

This young member of the law-making body is all set to be the prime player in the State government for the next two-and-a-half years. Though his father Chandrababu Naidu would be at the helm of affairs as Chief Minister, it would be Lokesh as a Minister in the Cabinet, who is set to lead the government for all practical purposes. The Chief Minister wants to groom his son as the future leader of the State while he is in the office and ensure smooth passing of the power from his shoulders to his son.

Lokesh would be the second son in Telugu States to be in the father’s Cabinet. In Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son K Taraka Ramarao has been there in the Cabinet for the past two and a half years.

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Lokesh To Be Law-Maker From Today


Amaravati: Telugu Desam Party national general secretary and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu’s son, Nara Lokesh, would turn a law-maker from today when he takes oath as Member of the Legislative Council for the first time. In the presence of the party senior leaders, Ministers and other newly-elected members, Lokesh would take oath as MLC in the Council on Thursday morning. He would take the oath in the Council Chairman A Chakrapani’s chamber around 9.30 am, before the session begins. He was elected to the Council from the MLAs quota and is a sure candidate for the Cabinet post in the next reshuffle slated for first half of April.

Perhaps the youngest leader to be the member of this elders’ House, Lokesh would have just two days experience in the House before he becomes a Minister in his father’s Cabinet. While he is expected to sit in the Council in the morning session listening to the other members’ speeches where a good number of them, particularly from the ruling TDP, are expected to shower praise on him. The TDP MLCs are preparing long speeches packed with phrases and praises to define the leadership qualities of Lokesh. The Council Hall is set to see the glorifying speeches of the Members to welcome a new and young member to the House.

This young member of the law-making body is all set to be the prime player in the State government for the next two-and-a-half years. Though his father Chandrababu Naidu would be at the helm of affairs as Chief Minister, it would be Lokesh as a Minister in the Cabinet, who is set to lead the government for all practical purposes. The Chief Minister wants to groom his son as the future leader of the State while he is in the office and ensure smooth passing of the power from his shoulders to his son.

Lokesh would be the second son in Telugu States to be in the father’s Cabinet. In Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son K Taraka Ramarao has been there in the Cabinet for the past two and a half years.

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AP Cabinet Reshuffle On April 6, Lokesh To Get In


Amaravati: The date is almost set for Telugu Desam Party national general secretary Nara Lokesh to get into the State Cabinet. According to the party sources, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had fixed April 6 as the day to see his son swearing-in as the Cabinet Minister.

Lokesh, who got elected to the Legislative Council from the Assembly quota recently, would take oath as MLC onMarch 30. He would sit in the Council for two days, as both Assembly and Council are set for adjournment onMarch 31 after the budget session. With these two days of experience in the Legislative Council, Lokesh would get into the State Cabinet on April 6.

Though the Chief Minister wanted to have his Cabinet reshuffle for Ugadi falling on March 29, he is understood to have differed as Assembly session is in progress. He wanted to give enough time for his son to understand the Ministerial responsibilities before making him face the Opposition in both the Houses. So, Chandrababu Naidu had zeroed in on April 6 for his son’s elevation as that would give him enough time to understand the Cabinet politics and responsibilities. He would be then ready to face the Assembly and Council in the summer session or the monsoon session.

Interestingly, the Congress is set to lose its Opposition status in the Legislative Council on March 30 when the sitting MLCs, including Leader of Opposition C Ramachandraiah retires. The YSR Congress is set to take over the Council too as the main Opposition in both the Houses. This would make the ruling party’s task of handling the Opposition easy as YSR Congress occupies the place.

Meanwhile, the rumours say that the Chief Minister had decided to drop at least half a dozen Ministers from his Cabinet and bring in at least a dozen new faces including Lokesh. Among the new faces, TDP AP president K Kalavenkatrao tops the list followed by Bhuma Akhila Priya. However, it is to be seen how Chandrababu Naidu would induct Akhila Priya into the Cabinet as his party’s Telangana unit is opposed to the inclusion of Talasani Srinivasa Yadav in the TS Cabinet. The Telangana TDP chief L Ramana had renewed his party’s demand for disqualification of 11 of TDP legislators who have switched over to the ruling TRS.

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Lokesh, six others declared elected unanimous as MLCs

Amaravati: Telugu Desam national general secretary Nara Lokesh has been elected unanimous as MLC from the legislators quota. The AP Assembly secretary K Satyanarayana announced the unanimous election of the seven new MLCs from the Assembly quota on Friday.

Besides Lokesh, the TDP candidates Karanam Balaramakrishna Murthy, Pothula Suneetha, Dokka Manikya Varaprasada Rao and Bachula Arjanudu were elected unopposed. The YSR Congress nominees, Alla Nani and Gangula Prabhakara Reddy were also elected unopposed.

The new MLCs would take oath on March 29 as MLCs in the Council. The seven new MLCs were elected as sitting members K Pratibha Bharati, C Ramachandraiah, M Sudhakar Babu, S V Satish Kumar Reddy, P J C Sekhar Rao, Mohmmad Jani and B Chengal Rayudu, who are retiring on March 29.

It is a big gain for the ruling TDP as it had won five out of the seven seats, which were all belonged to the Opposition Congress. The election had also seen the Congress losing its Opposition status as Leader of Opposition, C Ramachandraiah, retiring this time. With his retirement, while the Congress is losing its Opposition status, the YSR Congress is set to wrest the Opposition status in the Council too.

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Lokesh discounts Opposition criticism on his assets

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: Telugu Desam national general secretary and MLC-elect, Nara Lokesh, on Thursday ridiculed the Opposition criticism on his assets.

Speaking to media persons, Lokesh said that he had declared his family assets earlier basing on their acquisition value. However, in the Election Commission affidavit, he was expected to mention the market value of the assets, which the Opposition was misinterpreting. He said that his family had been into vegetables and milk business for over 24 years which is the main source of revenue for the family. “It took 24 years for us to see the share value increase unlike Jaganmohan Reddy’s case which took just a few months to see the increase,” he said.

He said his family had been declaring the family assets to be role model in politics. They have been honest and sincere in placing the family assets before the people, he said and dared Jaganmohan Reddy to declare his family assets. He had also asked Jaganmohan Reddy to come for an open debate on the family assets.

He claimed that no politician in the country was voluntarily disclosing the family assets as they have been doing. He said that people in the State and the country were aware of their business and revenue and they would not buy the lies of the Opposition.

Stating that he had 23,62,400 shares in the Heritage and the share value was increasing over the years. He said that the share value of the Heritage had gone up by Rs 8 today and the increase is constant, which is the reason for the growth in the asset value.

Lokesh said that the Opposition was spreading false news against the family which people would not believe. He sought to advise people not to watch Sakshi TV and read Sakshi paper. He wanted people to discord the YSR Congress party, its leaders and its media. He predicted that the YSR Congress would get defeated in the 2019 elections too.

The TDP national general secretary said that Jaganmohan Reddy has become synonym for corruption in the State politics. Jagan was facing 23 cases, 12 charge sheets and was responsible for imprisonment of six IAS officers and two industrialists, he alleged. He further said that Jaganmohan Reddy and his family have filed over 40 cases against Chandrababu Naidu and asserted that none of the cases were proved.


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Lokesh Eminently Qualified For Elevation: Balakrishna

Hyderabad: Hindupur MLA, Nara Lokesh’s father-in- law, N. Balakrishna felt that Lokesh  has enough qualifications for elevation as MLC and as Minister.

Party gives priority for individuals who work hard and there is nothing wrong in elevating a hard working young man. His membership drive,   useful ideas that were incorporated in 2014 election manifesto are enough to certify that Lokesh is a matured politician, Balakrishna said.

There were satires going on Lokesh for his entry into cabinet as MLC.  Majority felt if it is through direct elections that Lokesh should have opted for. Some went on to say Balakrishna was sidelined by Chandrababu Baidu to make Nara Lokesh No 2 in the party. But Balakrishna came up openly  and supported Nara Lokesh with pride.

Line is cleared for Lokesh whom we can see as an IT Minister in coming days, according to reliable sources.

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