a�?Save The Farmersa�?: Actor Manchu Manoj Launches Foundation.

To collect funds for the development of farmers in India, Manchu Manoj, the actor, started ‘Manoj Kumara��s Unity’ too.

Hyderabad: Veteran actor Mohan Babua��s son Manchu Manoj Kumar came up with an initiative to provide relief to Indian farmers. He will henceforth donate 10% of his each film earnings. To collect funds for the development of farmers in India, the actor started Manoj Kumara��s Unity too.

He started an initiative called SAVE THE FARMERS with an aim to get more and more people to donate a day’s salary or a day’s income.

Manoj also nominated five members for this initiative who include politician KTR, Film Maker S.S. Rajamouli, Actor Rana Daggubaati, Sai Dharam Tej and entrepreneur G.V.Keshav.

Farmers are ones who feed us and it is our responsibility and duty to feed them, Manoj said in a statement.

For the welfare and betterment of farmers, for soil testing, to sell the crop at market for better price, this money will be used, the young actor said.

He clarified that no farmer will take money in the form of donations, instead, if this fund is used to increase their standards of living, proper education for kids, and in providing farm equipments, that will be a great offer for them, Manoj said.

This initiation by actor for saving farmers is getting a huge response from public.

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