Saurav Ganguly Attacked By Pak Mob

Former Indian captain Saurav Ganguly escaped unhurt when Pak supporters tried to attack him after their country reached finals in ICC trophy.

London: The incident took place recently when Pak mob after their team entered finals surrounded Gangulya��s car and started to embarrass him.

Saurav Ganguly was inside his car when mob started raising slogans and spreading the flags across hood. Ganguly was held up and unable to go as he was surrounded from all sides.

But Ganguly acted bravely by keeping smile on the face and waving hands at them. This was just before India playing semi final against Bangladesh.

Even though mob taunted Ganguly, he kept his cool and asked them to give way in a polite manner.

There is a limit in celebrating their teama��s victory, but they are not expected to be aggressive against other team players or supporters. This incident will certainly impact in the finals between these two titans which will lit the fire in the players.

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