Sasikala Murder: Police Quiz Deepa Ajit, Three Colleague

New Jersey: Maple Shade police have questioned Nara Hanumantha Rao, husband of the slain Telugu techie Sasikala, and his friend Deepa Ajit on Saturday. The police also quizzed three colleagues of Rao. He was questioned for the second time.

“Since it is double murder case, the police will take a couple of days to hand over the bodies to be taken home, said Mohan Nannapaneni of Telugu Association of North America (TANA).

Hanumantha Rao’s passport is in his house which is under lock. The police have not allowed him to go into the house. If he is allowed, he may fly to India and seek police protection from Andhra Pradesh. Rao said he discovered the bodies after retuning from office on Thursday evening. Three colleagues at his office have confirmed to the police that they dropped Rao at the house in Fox Meadows Apartments. When the police asked him if the door of the apartment was open or he used key to enter the house, Rao replied in a vague manner saying that he did not remember the details as he was speaking on mobile. As he entered the house he called out Anish. When his son did not respond, he entered their bedroom where Anish was lying dead on the bed and the body of Sasikala was on the ground.

Mohan Nannapaneni said Rao was disturbed with the reports linking him to the murder. He said Rao told him that he wants to go to India for the funeral. He said that Hanumantha Rao told him that he is absolutely innocent and the police will have to find out the culprits.

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