Sasikala Murder: Involvement Of A Woman Not Ruled Out

Sasikala Murder: Involvement Of A Woman Not Ruled Out

New York: The Maple Shade police did not rule out the possibility of the involvement of a woman in the murder of Telugu Techie Sasikala (36) and her son Anish Sai (6) at Fox Meadows Apartment in New Jersey on Thursday, 24 March 2017. The police have obtained corroborative evidence that Sasikala’s husband Narra Hanumantha Rao was not at home when the crime was committed. He was with friends at a party after the office hours on that evening.

After questioning several persons known to Sasikala and Hanumantha Rao, the police have zeroed on two vital clues. One, the suspicion that a woman is involved in the crime and two, the killer, whoever it was, has a lot of hatred and anger against the victims. The police have taken into cognisance the emails sent by Sasikala to her brother at Vijayawada. They are also examining the details of the chat between Hanumantha Rao and his friend Deepa Ajit whom they have already questioned. These material evidences are considered from the angle of domestic discord and quarrel.

The brutality of crime was shocking. There are several stab wounds on Sasikala’s face and body. There are deep wounds on the head and face of Anish who evidently resisted the killer. “The crime is savage. There is too much of barbarity. It appears the culprit has extreme hatred and animosity towards the victims,” said Ravi Potluri, a joint secretary of Telugu Association of North America (TANA). He has been helping the police in their investigations. Earlier Mohan Nannapaneni, head of the emergency assistance wing of TANA, spoke to the police and Hanumantha Rao. He said the police have completed the autopsy and handed over the bodies to the funeral house. The bodies will be given to the relatives or friends after embalming so that they can be sent to India. Ravi has been in touch with the parents of Sasikala and Hanumantha Rao back home in Andhra Pradesh. Ravi reportedly commented, “It is premature at this stage to jump to conclusion about the culprit. We better not speculate and wait for the police to complete their investigations and come to a conclusion.”

Hanumantha Rao, who was not allowed by the police to stay at his home which has been locked, has been living with a friend. Rao told the police and others that he would pay 15,000 dollars needed to send the bodies to India. However, Cognizant, the organisation for which Sasikala was working, is particular about bearing the expenditure. The parents of both Sasikala and Hanumantha Rao are in a fix not knowing what to do except waiting for the bodies to reach Vijayawada. They are being consoled by relatives and friends but Venkateswara Rao and Krishna Kumari, parents of Sasikala are inconsolable. The teaching community, to which both of them belong, had been in a state of shock.

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