Sasikala Murder: Husbanda��s Police Call Released

What did Narra Hanumantha Rao do after finding the bodies of his wife and son in a pool of blood? How did the conversation go between the police officials and Hanu Narra when the latter called 911? Here are the details:

New Jersey: Telugu Techie Sasikalaa��s husband, Narra Hanumantha Raoa��s call to the police after he had seen the bodies of his wife and son in his apartment has been released, according to, a news portal in New Jersey.

The recording of the emergency call Rao made to the police is obtained by NJ Advance Media on April 6. has published the recordingA�on its website.

The following was the conversation in the recording between Rao and the police officer who received the call:

Hanumantha Rao: Sir, I just came from officea��

Police officer: This is 911. Where is the emergency?

Hanumantha Rao: My wife and son are not talkinga�� Beepa��

Hanumantha Rao: I just came from officea�� I checked in the kitchen. They are in the bedrooma��

Police officer: Are you sure?

Hanumantha Rao: Yeah, I am surea�� Uha�� oh goda�� Uha��

Police officer: Calm down. I need your first namea��

Hanumantha Rao: HANU

Police officer: Whata��s wrong there?

Hanumantha Rao: I just came from officea��

Police officer: Is this a male or a female?

Hanumantha Rao: Female and my sona�� there is blood everywherea��

Police officer: Hold on a minute for mea��

Another female police office
enters the conference calla��

Police officer: one male and another female are in the home besiegeda��

Female officer: Hello

Hanumantha Rao: Yeah

Female officer: Do anybodya�� they are just not breathing?

Hanumantha Rao: They are not breathinga�� I just came from officea�� they both are blood everywherea��

Female officer: What happened to them?

Hanumantha Rao: I have no ideaa��

Female officer: Are they bleeding?

Hanumantha Rao: Fully bleedinga��

Female officer: Where are they bleeding?

Hanumantha Rao: I have no ideaa�� they are not moving at alla��

Female officer: Hold on a second for me.

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