Sasikala Murder: Is The House Jinxed?

New Jersey: Is Fox Meadows Apartment Complex where the double murder of Telugu Techie Sasikala and her son Anish Sai took place jinxed? That is what a local newspaper appears to believe. The Thursday murders are the fifth in a row.

The previous murders took place in the apartments in 1996 and 2015, according to Burlington County Times (BCT). The paper recalled that two brothers were stabbed a number of times till they died. This gruesome murder happened in 2014.

The murders that took place at the apartments appear to be most cruel and crude. Any killing is cruel but killing by axe or knife is rather primitive. In 1996, a man killed his wife by hacking with an axe. The killer was sentenced to death by the court in 2014.

BCT said TANA representatives are making arrangements to send bodies of Sasikala and Anish Sai to India. Hanumantha Rao was questioned by the police for ten hours. The police refused to talk about their investigations.

The investigating officials denied it was a hate crime. Public Information Officer at the prosecutor’s office Joel Bewley said emphatically that the murders are not on account of any bias.

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