Sasikala Murder: Hanumantha Rao’s Lover Is Deepa Ajit, A Malayalee

Vijayawada: Sasikala, the Telugu Techie who was killed along with her son Anish Sai in New Jersey in the US on Thursday had sent an email to her brother Venu saying that her husband has extra-marital relationship with a Malayali woman. The parents of Sasikala had divulged the details of the mail here on Saturday morning.

“Hanumanth has relationship with Deepa Ajit who is working in TCS. Hanumanth has been talking and chatting with her on mobile everyday. I noticed the chat in mobile and directly questioned him about it. He said he did not do anything wrong. There is no trace of remorse in Hanumanth. He is expressing anger at me. He showed a rebellious attitude saying ‘do what you can.’ Having a five-year old son and maintaining extra-marital relationship is something abnoxious. I trusted Hanumantha Rao. Ours was a love marriage. I never thought I would be cheated like this. His parents, sister and brother-in-law are all part of the conspiracy. They don’t share anything. My mother-in-law, in particular, knows how to make use of her son.

“Mother will feel bad if she comes to know of my agony. I am living in spite of so many problems only for the sake of Anish,” Sasikala narrated her woes in her mail to her brother. Parents of Sasikala have shown all the e-mails and WhatsApp messages to prove that Hanumantha Rao has been harassing their daughter. They also gave the details of chatting between Hanumantha Rao and Deepa Ajit.

Deepa accused Hanumantha Rao of lying. ” I can stand before my husband and say I am in love with you. Can you say the same thing with your wife? You are afraid of your wife. If you are so scared why did you prolong our relationship this far? I did not hide any thing with you,” said the Malayalee woman.

Sasikala’s parents Venkateswara Rao and Krishna Kumari demanded that severe punishment should be given to the killer of their daughter and grandson. They expressed agony that they are not getting cooperation from State and central governments.

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