Sasikala Murder: Hanumantha Rao To Decide On Bringing Bodies To Vijayawada

New York: ‘It is for Hanumantha Rao to decide when and where to take the bodies of his wife and son,’ said Ravi Potluri, Joint Secretary of TANA and a relative of Sasikala, the Telugu Techie who was Murdered on March 24 along with her beloved son. Rao was allowed by the police to see the bodies of his wife and son at the funeral home where they were kept.

Rao continues to plead innocent. Asked by the maple Shade police whom he is suspecting, Rao said he does not have any enemies and ‘we mind our business.’ Asked about Deepa Ajit, he refused to accept that he was having extra-marital affair with her. ‘I love my wife and son very much. I still can’t believe that such a gruesome murder took place at my house,’ he said. Rao told the police that on March 24, he dropped his son, Anish,7, at his school at 8 am and his wife at her office at 9.30 am and then went to his office. He attended a party after the office hours and was dropped by his friends at home at 9 pm. He called for his son. When there was no response,he thought Anish was playing with iPad as he usually does and his wife working at the computer. When he entered the bedroom he was shocked to see the bodies of Sasikala,36, and Anish in a pool of blood. Then he rushed out and called the police at 911. He then called up his parents and the parents of Sasikala besides Mohan Nannapaneni and Ravi Potluri, office bearers of TANA. He also informed friends and relatives including a cousin of Sasikala who lives in the US. Ravi told the media that Rao is cooperating with the police in the investigations.

Back home, Sasikala’s father Sunkara Venkateswara Rao is understood to have told media persons on Monday that Sasikala would have returned to India two years ago but for the dream of his grandson to study medicine in the US. “Anish is a brilliant student. He has been the school topper. He was always saying that he wants to become a doctor and study medicine there,” Venkateswar Rao said. His wife Krishna Kumari said two years after Anish was born, Hanumantha Rao started his illicit relationship with Deepa and stopped giving money to run the house. In 2015, Sasikala opened a separate bank account and it was resented by her husband. He increased the physical and mental torture. He did not like Sasikala asserting herself.

” I called him (son-in-law, Rao) one month ago. He did not take the call. When I told my daughter that her husband refused to talk to me, she said he would call later. He called me after a month only to inform me about the murders,” said Krishan Kumar with choked voice.

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