Sasikala Murder: Bodies To Reach India On Thursday

Vijayawada: Bodies of Sasikala, Telugu techie, who was murdered along with her son, Anish Sai, will be reaching India on Thursday morning. Legal formalities by Burlington police have been completed and TANA is waiting for the death certificates of the two victims to shift the bodies to India. The bodies are lying at the funeral house in New Jersey. The representatives of TANA are attending to the details. Hanumantha Rao, Sasikala’s husband has been cooperating with the police in investigations.

Police are looking in multiple directions to know the reasons behind these murders. They came to a conclusion that as there were series of incidents of domestic violence between Sasikala and Hanumantha Rao the role of the husband has to be ascertained. The fact that there are a number of stab injuries on the face of the child indicates that the crime may have been committed by a person who is familiar to the family.

After questioning several persons known to Sasikala and Hanumantha Rao, the police have zeroed on two vital clues. One, the suspicion that a woman is involved in the crime and two, the killer, whoever it was, has a lot of hatred and anger against the victims. The police have taken into cognisance the emails sent by Sasikala to her brother at Vijayawada. They are also examining the details of the chat between Hanumantha Rao and his friend Deepa Ajit whom they have already questioned. These material evidences are considered from the angle of domestic discord and quarrel

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