Sasikala Kept Aside By AIADMK For RK Nagar By-poll

Chennai: Sasikala, General Secretary of AIADMK, now in Jail as a convict in DA case, was set aside by party leaders for RK Nagar by-polls for various reasons.

AIADMK party cadre strongly feels that Chennai voters are anti-Chinnamma as they still believe Sasikala is one of the factors in Amma’s demise. They have sympathy for OPS. Knowing this, AIADMK took care by removing Sasikala’s face and name in posters during election campaign. We can see only late MGR’s and Jayalalithaa’s images displayed in their campaign.

T.Dinakaran, nephew of Sasikala and the candidate of the AIDMK, is said to be scared of using her image on posters and pamphlets, according to AUADMK rival camp candidate (OPS group) E.Madhusudhanan. Whatever may be the reason, Chennai people’s perception is that Chinnamma was responsible for Amma’s death. Surprisingly, posters outside Chennai still feature Sasikala’s image. This is what is called survival and hypocritical strategy, according to political analysts in TN. They will worship Chinnamma once the elections were over, analysts say.

AIADMK has released party’s manifesto on Monday. It included Annadurai, MGR and Amma’s images. This is a conscious decision to simplify things, felt another political analyst.

Sasikala and her family, in the perception of Chennai voters, particularly the youth, are a negative factor as far as this by-election is concerned. The people feel that Sasikala cannot succeed Jayalalithaa in popular esteem. Sasikala faced severe criticism after Amma’s death. Even today, many are of the view that OPS should have been continued as CM since he was a true loyalist of Amma.

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