Is Sasikala Going Into Political Oblivion?

With Dinakaran going to jail and nobody else to depend upon, Sasikala’s fall seems a reality. Sasikala is slowly becoming a non-entity to the party and the people, as leaders stopped coming to her darshan at her prison.

Bengaluru: The turn of events that are taking place in AIADMK are only leading to more disappointments to Chinnama (Sasikala). She is being shattered by these events.

Sasikala, a close aide to former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and the party’s general secretary soon after Jaya’s death, now seems to have lost the game. The way the events are turning, there is every chance that people might forget her in the coming days.

Especially, the recent developments involving her nephew TTV Dinakaran have been a major blow to her morale that she had been keeping up from the day one at the Parappara Agrahara Prison.

According to reports, Sasikala refused to eat dinner on Tuesday night and asked jail staff to inform her about the latest news on her nephew Dinakaran. She reportedly appeared tense. Around midnight, she got the news that Dinakaran was arrested by the Delhi police for allegedly trying to bribe Election Commission of India to retain two leaves symbol. Hearing the news, she collapsed on her bed, claimed some reports.

Though she came out of her cell the next morning, she refused to have breakfast. She is a chronic diabetic patient. The jail doctors suggested her not to skip breakfast, keeping her health in view. However, Sasikala refused to heed, and reportedly said that she was not in a mood to eat anything.

A top prison official, speaking to the national channel on condition of anonymity said that there was a remarkable change in her behavior, when she came to know that the Delhi police arrested the alleged broker Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Sasikala, who appeared confident till that day, became pale once she came to know about the arrest, the official said.

Before the merger talks between OPS and EPS factions came into focus, the official said that a lot of top AIADMK leaders and ministers used to wait outside the jail just to meet Chinnamma. However, she used to meet only a few of them, as there used to be a steady flow of high-profile visitors from Chennai, he explained.

Once she was removed from the post of AIADMK general secretary, all of it came to a standstill, he said.

The officer said that not even a single visitor came to visit her in the last one week. This is making her restless, he added. She appeared confident when Dinakaran was out, she thought he would help her and keep the party in his grip. With Dinakaran’s arrest, her hopes seem to have shattered. She seemed alone and helpless, the officer said.

Meanwhile, sources say that she is still getting home-cooked food, as a local AIADMK leader took that responsibility. However, the official said that he was not sure if the home cooked food would continue to arrive at the jail in the future.

Remarking that Sasikala had never expected such turn of events, he said, she lost all her confidence. In the initial months, hundreds of AIADMK leaders from different parts of Tamil Nadu used to visit her to express their solidarity. But now, the flow has literally stopped, he said.

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