Sasikala To Be Dumped: EPS, OPS On Merger Mode

AIADMK is once again in a turmoil which may result in the ouster of Sasikala and Dinakaran and merger of both the factions.

Chennai: A massive twist is taking place in AIADMK potboiler making the Tamil drama more and more absorbing. It seems the endgame has started for Sasikala who is lodged in a Bengaluru jail. Sasikala and her nephew TTV Dinakaran have been cornered by the majority of the AIADMK MLAs. They made it clear on Tuesday that they would go with Chief Minister E Palani Samy (EPS) and former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS).

The Cabinet met for three hours on Tuesday evening and decided to oust Sasikala and her coterie from the party. Finance Minister Vijayakumar announced that it was an unanimous decision. Twenty Ministers have decided to dump the aunt-nephew duo. They have realised that the party cannot carry the burden of the corruption charges faced by Sasikala and Dinakaran.

It means the end of the reign of Mannargudi Mafia.
OPS who landed in Chennai in the afternoon has put forth two conditions for talks with EPS group on the the question of merger. The first condition was that Sasikala and her relatives should be out of the party. The second condition was that there should be a probe in to the circumstances that led to J Jayalalithaa’s death. The first condition was almost conceded by the ruling faction. It remains to be seen what kind of understanding will emerge in the talks between the groups headed by EPS and OPS. It is clear that the BJP is in favour of OPS leading the State.

Even now, about 20 MLSs are said to be loyal to Sasikala. Their number has been dwindling by hour. Dinakaran has floated a formula in the afternoon according to which he would resign from the position of Deputy General Secretary of the party and Sasikala would continue as the General Secretary. But it was not accepted by the ruling faction of the AIADMK.

The same leaders who ‘elected’ Sasikala as General Secretary of AUADMK now says the election was a fraud. They argue that the 1.5 crore workers of the party should elect the GS. The move to remove Sasikala and her supporters is backed by 122 MLAs. The AIADMK has a total strength of 138 MLAs as against 87 MLAs of the DMK. The magic number needed for a Government to survive is 118. Things have started boiling after Dinakaran was accused of trying to bribe an official of the Election Commission of India. An alleged friend of Dinakaran, Sukhesh Chandrashekhar, was caught by the police at a 5-Star hotel in South Delhi with a cash of a�? 1.3 crore. Dinakaran was also accused of distributing money to the voters of RK Nagar constituency where a by-poll should have taken place on April 12. The by-election has since been postponed following reports that some a�? 100 crore was distributed to the voters in the constituency where Dinakaran is a candidate of AIADMK (Amma).

Thambi Dorai, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, who asked Sasikala to take over as Chief Minister before she went to jail, has changed his stance. He is now one of those leaders who are demanding that Sasikala and her mafia should be ousted from the party. So is the case with Vijay Kumar, Finance Minister, who was a staunch supporter of Sasikala and now the leader of the group of Ministers baying for her blood.

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