Sasikala Anoints Nephew In Top Party Post Before Going To Jail

Chennai: Appointment of TTV Dinakaran as Deputy General Secretary of AIADMK by Sasikala is a very important development. It means all Sasikala relatives who were expelled by J.Jayalalithaa from her residence at Poes Garden in 2011 have staged a comeback.

Sasikala has been having parallel relationship with her family members while physically living at Jayalalithaa’s home.  She brought her husband back even while Jayalalithaa was in hospital.

The decision to bring her husband and nephews back to Poes Garden will go against Sasikala. Those who love Jayalalithaa hate Natarajan and his relatives. They believe that all the allegations of corruption against Jayalalithaa were in account of the accesses commuted by Natarajan during her first term. They think Jayalalithaa had to go to jail because of Sasikala and her relatives. Even the MLAs who were in Sasikala camp would have second thoughts when they realise that they have to take orders from Dinakaran who is known as a highly corrupt person. He was penalised for violating FERA regulations and he paid the penalty. He is a permanent national of Singapore and not India. A person with a criminal background and who is part of Mannargudi mafia has been appointed to the top party post which is next only to Sasikala. It is clear that she would be calling the shots from the jail. She appointed her nephew as a balancing force to E Palanisamy (EP).  EP himself is  strong leader who could have consolidated his position in the absence of Sasikala.

Sasikala was curtly told by a judge of the Supreme Court on Wednesday  that ‘immediately’ means ‘at once’ and she should surrender before Karnataka special court immediately and go to jail. A lawyer had requested the judge to allow some time for Sasikala before surrender. The lawyer was told that Sasikala should surrender immediately.

Following the comment by the SC judge, Sasikala left Poes Garden for Bangaluru by road and stopped in the way at Marina beach to pay respects at Jayalalithaa’s memorial. E Palanisamy, a Sasikala groupie who was elected as leader of the AIADMK legislature party, met Governor C Vidyasagar Rao on Tuesday and requested him to administer oath of office.

The Governor is expected to take a decision in a day or two. He has a number of factors to take into account. He can straight away ask EP to take oath and prove his majority on the floor of Assembly.  Nobody can find fault with that decision. In fact, it would be the proper thing to do since EP is backed by more that 110 MLAs. The Governor can also ask the acting CM, O Panneerselvam (OPS), to prove his majority on the floor of the House. But it would not be constitutionally appropriate to give an opportunity to an acting CM to prove his strength. Yet another option before the Governor is to have an open session and conduct a secret ballot to decide who enjoys majority. It remains to be seen which option the Governor go for.

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