Sanitation Workers Warn to Intensify Strike

HYDERABAD: The municipal sanitation workers have made it clear that they would not stop their strike even if the government deployed military forces, till their demands were fulfilled by the state government.

The workers strike has entered into eighth day on Monday. The workers made it clear that they would intensify their strike further and said that they would not bow down to the threatening tactics of the government.

The workers have thrown a challenge to the government saying that they would face the government even if the latter deploys private workers. They said that it was not proper for the government to suppress the striking employees.

The government was resorting to undemocratic actions towards the workers, they alleged, and asked the police and army personnel not to perform the sanitary workers duties as directed by the government. Sanitary workers warned that they would confront with the police and army personnel in case they performed their duties. They urged the government not to use huge weapon on sparrows (Pitchukameeda Brahmastram).

Earlier, the government took the sanitary workers strike seriously. The government felt that the workers were behaving adamantly, even though the government was trying to solve their problems.

The government ordered the striking workers to withdraw their strike keeping the festivals—Ramzan, Pushkaralu and Bonaalu in view. The administration also decided to take up the sanitation works using the services of army and police from tomorrow.  The government was also contemplating to appoint new workers in case the workers failed to withdraw their strike.

On the other hand, the Cinematography Minister Talasani SrinivasYadav has urged the striking employees to withdraw their strike by this evening. He said that the sanitary employees would hear the good news from the chief minister within two to three days. He said that the Chief Minister had announced earlier that he would increase their salaries and suggested to the employees not to behave in an adamant manner and face new problems. (NSS)

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