Sangareddy Student Unions Protest Against Collector

Student leaders of Sangareddy adjoining the city are up in arms against the District Collector over reports that he has ordered booking of kidnap cases against those who mobilise students for rallies and protests.

Hyderabad: Sangareddy Collector Manicka Raj Kannan has stirred a horneta��s nest following his statement that kidnap cases would be booked against student unions that mobilise school and hostel students for rallies and protests.

The Collector has taken the view that since school children are immature, their participation in protests and rallies will only distract them from their studies. Putting his view into practice, it is stated that he has issued an order banning school and hostel students from joining rallies or protests.

What has irked the student unions are statements attributed to the Collector that cases of kidnap be filed against student leaders who force school and hostel children to participate in their movements.

A student leader questioned what would have happened if the then government had taken a similar decision during Telangana movement, which led to the formation of the new state. They wanted Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao to intervene into the matter.

The student unions feel awareness among students about their rights needs to be created right from their school days itself.

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