Sanctuary Asia Award for Tejdeep Kaur Menon

  • Hailed as a�?Earth Heroa�� for saving water bodies

Hyderabad:A�SanctuaryA�AsiaA�has described Tejdeep Kaur Menon, Director General, Telangana State Special Protection Force (TSSPF), as an a�?Earth Heroa�? and is presenting her its coveted Sanctuary Wind Under The Wings Award at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai on Friday.A�

The award is being given to her for distinguished work in spearheading exceptional initiatives to clean, rejuvenate and protect urban water bodies. The selection panel noted that a�?TSSPFa��s commitment to protecting the environment is epitomized by its adoption of theA�AmeenpurA�Lake. a�?Despite your daunting portfolio of work, you have worked ceaselessly to protect the biodiversity, particularly avians and aquatic species, in Telangana and beyond by uniting the strengths of both government and non-government organizations. We hope that your commitment to the environment will inspire all men and women in uniform to follow your example.a�?

On being chosen for the award, Tejdeep Kaur Menon said it is a humbling experience to get wide recognition for the initiatives and that she and the TSSPF are pledged to continue similar work as eco-volunteers in the Ananatagiri Hills along with the district administration and at Fox Sagar with the district administration and the World Wild Life Fund. The award, besides a trophy, includes a citation and cash award of Rs 25,000. -NSS

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