Samarasata Vedika Appeals Withdrawal Of Dalit Boycott In Garakaparru

The Fact Finding Committee of Samarasata Vedika has visited Garakaparru village and confirmed that the Dalits have been boycotted. It appealed to the people of the village to withdraw the boycott.

Hyderabad: The AP wing of Samajika Samarasata Vedika has demanded that the social boycott of Dalits in Garakaparru village of West Godavari district should be withdrawn forthwith. The organisation also wanted the statue of Ambedkar to be installed on the side of other national leaders.

The fact finding Committee of Samarasata Vedika has visited the village and spoken to people. MGK Murthy,IAS(R), State president of AP Samarasata Vedika and some others have gone to the village to see the conditions for themselves.

They demanded that the State government should give the SCs social and economic support. They suggested that the villagers could take the initiative in erecting the statue of Ambedkar on the bank of the village lake, the fact finding committee felt.

The Vedika has described the boycott of SCs as undemocratic, illegal and inhuman. In the bank of Garakaparru village lake there are statues of national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Alluri Sitaramaraju and Katamrayudu. TheA� Dalits wanted to place Ambedkar’s statue in that row. But the local TDP leaders Indukuri Balaramaraju and others objected to the proposal. They advised the Dalit to have the statue in their own colony. But the SCs insist that the statue of Ambedkar has to be on the side of other national leaders.

The village elders had organised a meeting of people of different castes and organised the boycott of Dalits. They also brought about a division in Dalits by taking the Madigas into their side.

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