Salman acquitted in arms case

  • Walks free from Jodhpur court once again

Special Correspondent

Jodhpur: Bollywood super star Salman Khan was acquitted on Wednesday in the arms case by the Jodhpur District Court which rejected the evidence produced by the prosecution. This is the third case in this connection that was decided in favour of the Hindi film hero who was accused of having illegal arms.

Thousands of fans who cheered the courta��s verdict danced in joy as the famous actor walked out of the court as a freeman. There were rumours earlier that the hero may have to go to jail if the court finds him guilty. But the court has given him the benefit of the doubt and declared him innocent in the 19-year-old case. Other actors who were part of the hunting team headed by Salman have also been acquitted. A case regarding poaching of two blackbucks is still there against the super star.A�

Salman flew back to Mumbai in a charted flight to resume shooting for the TV show Big Boss and other films on hand. The 1998 case of poaching black buck has been dragging. He will have to appear before the Jodhpur court on January 24 with regard to the fourth case. Salman claimed that he was carrying an air gun. A case under Sections 3/25 and 3/27 had been filed by the police against Salman in October 1998 according to which he had kept the .22 rifle and .32 revolver and used them during poaching of two black bucks in village Kankani in Jodhpur on October 1-2, 1998. Of the four cases against him, Salman has been acquitted in two cases of poaching by the high court while the third case was decided on Wednesday. Maximum sentence in Section 3/25 is 3 years while Section 3/27 has 7 years as the maximum sentence.

Special prosecutor Ujjal Nikkam said the third case also has gone on the lines of the first two cases. The court was not satisfied with the evidence produced by the prosecution and it gave the benefit of the doubt to the actor.

Anand Sarma, the counsel for the actor, said the cases were without any basis and rivals of the film hero had cooked up charges. The judge at the court first asked the name of the accused. Salman Khan told the judge his name. The judge said there was no proof against the actor. Soon after the verdict, Salman was exuberant and shook hands with his sister Alvira. He even signed autographs for his fans who were in the court premises in large numbers.

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