Sada Bainamas: Harish Claims 11 lakh People Got Benefit

Siddhipet: Minister for Irrigation & Marketing T Harish Rao on Saturday said the State government was offering Rs 75,116 towards marriage of poor girls under Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak schemes.

Accompanied with Energy Minister G Jagadish Reddy, Harish Rao participated in some developmental programmes in Siddhipet on Saturday. Distributing title documents to beneficiaries of Sada Bainamas, Harish Rao said some 11 lakh people got benefited through the government programme without spending a rupee.

The government was committed for protecting the interests of the people, who seek to retain their lands and assets, he remarked.

Harish Rao inaugurated an electricity circle office and inspected the works of double bedroom house scheme in Komaticheruvu, Vaikunta Dhamam and others places.

Speaking on the occasion, Harish Rao said it was decided to provide fine rice and nutritious food like egg to children and pregnant women through Anganwadi Centres all over the State.

Jagadish Reddy said the Opposition parties were getting nervous and heart-broken with the development works being executed by the State government expeditiously. So far, the government has offered Rs 5 crore to Rs 20 crore to each village for their development, he said.

Siddhipet was witnessing rapid growth with all the facilities and infrastructure, he said. But the Opposition parties were resorting to mud-slinging due to political vendetta, he said.

He also slammed the Congress and other Opposition parties for carrying on disinformation campaign against the government. As they were not able to find any issue, the Opposition leaders were making baseless and mischievous comments for which the people will bury them in the next elections, he charged.

a�?At least now, the Congress leaders should appreciate the process of speedy development and historic welfare programs being implemented by the State government and shun their Gobles campaign against the ruling partya�?, he advised.A�

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